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Evil... Tolerency...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. I have a simple question for the real experienced few out there,.... is temp quitting the only way to take down my tolerence?
  2. No, tolerance is caused by THC build up in the fat. You've got to get in shape and lose all body fat in order to not gain a tolerance.
  3. I've noticed that my tolerance has gone down now that I'm smoking a little less and exercising more. Makes the weed much better.
  4. I'll definatly try to loose a little extra in that case.
  5. THC if u quit forever, i'll cry.... really I will :p

    Tell me it isnt sad to see someone quit smoking...

    But, yeah the excersize thing sounds super cool, but it raises another question, if i dont have much body fat at all (and i really dont i'm almost all muscle, and im skinny so thats not hard to be) then what? And does the fact that i have so little body fat make me gain tolerency faster or what?
  6. I don't smoke much, not becuase I don't like too I just like to keep my tolerance down. It makes it so that just a little pot gets me stoned. And I just started working out, gotta get in shape so I can join the army :( defintely not looking forward to that, but I gotta go to college. But I don't know if working out has brought down my tolerancy, I always thought that the minute amount of thc in your fat, just made it so you'd fail a piss test, not screw around too much with your tolerancy. And I think the thc only goes into your blood when you lose the fat, so that would mean that losing weight, while your losing it, would actually bring your tolerancy up just a tad. Well I don't know if that is all right.
  7. who knows.... but i like the theory if nothing else..
  8. smokin bomb ass weed will fix your tolerance could smoke for 30yrs daily , long as its some super bomb youll still get baked offa a bowl.

  9. You sure? Cause I have next to no fat and my tolerance is kinda up there.
  10. Yeah im about 230 and my tolerance is like wayyy up there.. Like I usually come down from dro, like 50 an eighth shit really quick. If I smoked a joint of some dro, I would come down in about 45 minutes and have to smoke more.

  11. Nah I don't know that for a fact, I just know that THC builds up in fat and causes a tolerance, my fat mates are a good example of that.

    I just figured because these days I need about 1/3 of what I needed when I frist started to get high, maybe because I toned up a bit and changed my diet?

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