evil/darkness is natural...???

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  1. if any of you have read my recent posts you'll know my style...[i compare my subject matter to simpler things so yea...]

    here's my theory is evil/darkness natural???

    [comparison]...on our planet earth if there was no sun in the sky wouldnt darkness [evil] dominate the earth [because there are no other large-enough, natural sources of light {excluding unnatural sources like flashlights and lamps}]

    if you were in space and there were no stars/suns/cosmic-bodies [which produce natural light only by chemical processes] would not darkness extend over all of space???

    the same goes for if you were in a room with no windows or unnatural sources of light there would only be darkness and there would be no light

    so here's my conclusion...should evil not be a natural thing like darkness???
    natural light is not even natural!!!! its only produced by chemical processes...WITHOUT THESE CHEMICAL PROCESS THE LIGHT WOULD NOT EXIST

    [again like my other posts ill add/edit this one as my theories expand]
  2. darkness must be getting pretty pissed off at being considered synonymous with evil.


    in your comparison...
    by way of explaining the balancing principles in nature/universe/whatever
    if sol weren't there (and yet somehow we are), we'd have evolved much better eyes, or more likely, much better other sensors. we might even be able to see by starlight as clear as we actually see by daylight in this reality.

    whats the old line...
    there was darkness, then "let there be light".

    darkness can also be described as merely the absence of light.

    there are many intersecting analogies one can use. one of my favourites being light=knowledge/knowing and darkness=not yet sufficiently clued up.

    ^ thats pretty much my basis for rejecting the concept of "evil", and instead, can only see a lack of understanding in place where others might still be applying that label.
  3. You're making a connection that exists only in archaic colloquialisms. This comes back to the true foundation of abrahamic religion: subjugation. That the idea is still disseminated to people through their vocabulary speaks of the brainwash at hand here.

    And by your same logic, we could declare africans and aborigones to be evil, right (read: tribes of Ham)? Soil is dark as well, but it gives way to life and beauty.

    Concepts such as good and evil are as arbitrary as up and down; they only serve as organizational tools for the human mind. They are only applicable to a civilization with an overabundance of people. If I were to murder a man, that death would reverberate throughout the world that we've constructed for ourselves, but in the natural world would be wholly insignificant. Thus, I would be branded a murder, an immoral person, for I have done harm not only to said man but to those around him as well, and caused an inconvenience for the local governing bodies. Inversely, if a cheetah takes down a gazelle, he/she isn't going to be put on trial for it. A cheetah who has killed hundreds of gazelle in its lifetime is not a serial murder, but a fantastic hunter.

    No, not by any stretch of the imagination does "evil" exist naturally. It's an outgrowth of man's parasitism. That parasitism and subsequent notions of evil, though, are institutional. Institutionalized beliefs. These are the paradigms which keep us at war with one another, and allow the aristocracy to rise to power with the lower classes in tow, who foolishly believe they have elected a crusader against evil.
  4. Well done, Chaohinon.

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