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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ganjaphish, Apr 25, 2002.

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  1. I have to rant and where else but Pandora\'s Box.

    I have an evil boss. Truly evil, weaved from the same fibers the word BITCH came from even. Her license plate reads \"If momma\'s not happy, ain\'t NOBODY happy.\" Well isn\'t that just right.

    She thrives on making her employees miserable. She works me to the bone because I am a hard worker, while she calls in other employees into her office to chat and laugh and joke around. I made the stupid mistake of pointing this out to her when I first started the job, and she proceeded to make my life miserable until I just holed away at my desk never talking to her. She would nitpick every single thing I did that she didn\'t understand, even though I followed policy, logic, and the best interest of our customers AND our company. She was trying to make me quit, which I wouldn\'t do because the $ is too good. She would even question things that people ABOVE HER would have me do for them, asking me where I got the authority even though I would put notes and get signatures on EVERYTHING ~ she would purposefully choose not to read it just so she could call me into her office to SCREAM(not yell, SCREAM) at me.

    Our job is high stress - we answer phones constantly, and in between these calls I personally am supposed to do special order purchasing/contract pricing/gross profit margin research, and a number of other side tasks(others do NOT have these tasks, yet I take the most phone calls because everyone else hangs with the boss). We will have a particularly bad day at work where our phones never stop ringing, and I can\'t get shit done and get my ass chewed by her for not getting my \"extra\" shit done.
    This happened yesterday, and I came home in near tears from the stress and negative ambience. OK I cried. I do alot, and Phishhead doesn\'t understand why ~ because he doesn\'t work there.
    I told her our phones were so busy I couldn\'t even get up to go to the bathroom, or get things from the printer that needed to be faxed. She had nothing to say about that.
    Then today, I get an e-mail from her which is absolutely reaming our staff for having insufficient phone support. We have 3 open positions that get filled for no longer than a week because of how scared people get aboutt how stressful our job is, and because of how much of a bitch my boss is. Nobody likes her, but the current employees ALL kiss her ass in fear of being \"singled out\" like I was a few years ago. We have no back-up support, it\'s just 4 of us, harboring hundreds of calls a day.

    Instead of being a good manager, and trying to lift our spirits when times are rough on the job and thanking us for doing the best we can as short-handed as we are, she keeps trying to break our backs with more insults and illogical blame pointed to us for lack of phone support. She blames us for the high turnaround rate, and yet every person who has left has left because of her antics.

    We have an awesome branch manager, he\'s like a 2nd father to me, he\'s the sweetest man ~ he makes it worth tolerating my boss even at times. Plus he urges my boss to give me the best raises and fat reviews. That\'s one good thing about my job ~ her boss has MY back ALL THE TIME! I want to tell him how evil our Office Manager is, but if it comes to her again, I will most likely be pushed/harassed by her to quit again ~ which I can\'t afford right now, because the $ is very good. It\'s just also not worth the hassle of having her breathe down my neck for the rest of my existence @ that company. I might even quit, and then what, take a job for $5 less an hour, in the most expensive area to live in the country? No fuckin way!

    I am sick and tired of it and just am miserable at my job. I don\'t want sympathy, I just wanted to share my story and hear if any of you had a similar problem, and how you got out of it if so.
    I also want to hear other horror stories about bosses here, so I know I am not the only one who deals with the Boss from hell. I could tell you more, but there\'s so much written already. Trust me. She\'s worse than I could even explain. She could have the Rock or ANY hardass wrestler in TEARS within moments. She has me in tears quite often, and I am tired of it.

    I love my job, but she just makes it a living hell.
  2. wow she sounds like the devil incarnate i feel yur pain, well kinda... im glad i dont have a job.... yet....
  3. Okay ganjaphish it is quite simple You go up to her and say...

    can I have a word with you please...I would like to talk to you about the way I am spoken to and treat in the office, \"explain what she is doing\" if she comes on the defensive and you think its going no where then just say okay then I would like a contact number for the area manager or who ever is her boss and as soon as you do that her ass will drop trust me it has happened to me b4 and I changed my ways :) don\'t be a pussy and take this shit everyday from her, stand up to the silly old whore and put that foot on the floor ganjaphish !

    Good Luck and don\'t disappoint me

  4. Gajaphish, you may want to tell the branch manager. I have been in buisness for 15 years. I have had forman who were to hard on employees and never could keeep a full crew. Finally a good employee come to me and had a long talk. I called him in to the office one evening and asked him why he couldn\'t keep help. He replied he had been hiring bad employees. I told him he neede to lighten up on the employees before he run all of them off.
    He come in the next morning and asked his crew who had been complaining to me. David told him that he had a talk to me. The forman told him that he would fire him the next time he came to me. David got in his car and came to the job i was on and told me what he said.

    David is now the forman over that crew. He has a full cew and getting more done.

    Some times you have to go over their head to the BS to stop.

    Remember that thingsa could back fire so feel your branch manager out before you go the whole nine yards.

    Keep me posted.
  5. ganjaphish, I\'ve been where you are and so has PoohGator!! The advice given by Mickey T. and Bud Head, sounds like it comes from the heart and EXPERIANCE!! The ONLY way to relieve your stress is to confront this situation head on!! Believe me, I KNOW how much you hate endangering your job, but read your post again, slowly and objectively. You can\'t carry on much longer, with this much stress!!! It can KILL you girl!!!
    You\'ve said that the branch manager is a good man, and knows the quality of your work.TALK to him!! Tell him everything, and see if he might be able to observe your Bitch-Bosses actions( or lack of, lol ). Tell him you are going to discuss it with Bitch, but you wanted him to be aware of the situation, to help prevent any negative repercussions or retribution from her.You have PROVEN yourself to be a more than competent worker, and evidently haven\'t been \"bothering\" him constantly, so he should realize you are not \"making anything up\", and BACK you up!!
    Even A good \"Boss\" ( like Bud Head ) sometimes is unaware of the \"Bully tactics\" of some of their supervisors, until informed!!
    I know from reading your posts, that you love your job, but again, you cannot continue under that level of stress!!!
    You\'ve got an excellant work record, great job skills,and should get out of the mind frame where you\'ll put up with that crap from ANYBODY!!!! Changing jobs is a BIG hassle, but working in a situation like yours can be DEADLY!!! To your health, and your relationship with phishhead. No he doesn\'t understand your turmoil as he doesn\'t work there. But like the Bitches lic. plate reads, \" if Momma ain\'t happy, ain\'t nobody happy!\" That also means if you aren\'t happy, phishhead is also unhappy!!!!
    Start with the branch manager,check out his feelings, and go from there, but ultimately, you\'ve got to look out for #1.
    Luck , Love, and best wishes, to you and phishhead!!! :wave: :smoking:
  6. Start documenting every unprofessional and rude thing she does to you. If the company you work for is big enough to have branch managers, I\'m guessing they also have a human resources department as well. I suggest taking all your documented complaints to HR as well as to the branch manager. If you can trust your co-workers, you might want to ask if they could write some letters about the work environment as well...even if they submitted them anonymously. Be assertive with HR and the branch manager and tell them you are so upset that you are thinking about leaving (even if you\'re not). The branch manager knows you are a valuable employee and will probably work to accomadate you. Who knows, maybe the bitch will even get canned. Let us know what happens! :D
  7. sounds like the place my mom works at, you dont live in florida, do you?

    p.s. - that would be sweet if you did, i can see it now, me,you,and phishhead sitting on your couch smokin a fattie
  8. Ganja, I\'m sorry for the situation you are in and hope it gets better for you some way soon. You are a very brave and strong girl to get up every morning and know the torment you have to face when you get there.

    There have been some good ideas on how to solve your problem. I don\'t know if that is what your post wanted, but being men, that\'s how we deal with stuff like this. Its easier for us to offer a solution to a problem than lend a supportive ear. My solution to this problem is a little more meaner than the other guys. I would get the fucking bitch fired!!! I\'m sorry if that sounded mean but its the most effective means to solve a problem. Your Branch Manager must know how this women treats everyone but has yet to do anything about it. That\'s a bad sign. She may have something on him that keeps him from reprimanding her. If so, she definately has got to go, not only for your sake but the branch managers sake as well. You said she screams and yells but does she ever fire anybody? If not, then her screaming is a scare tactic to get the most productivity out of her employees and to use the employees a as scapegoat for poor productivity to her superiors.

    Someone that uses her managerial methods always has a weakness that they hide with their bullying. And that it what she is plain and simple, a bully. And the truth behind a bully is they are always cowards and they take out their cowardice on other peolpe that they feel are weak. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you will see her weakness and then it can be used against her. She\'s hiding something and when you find it, don\'t be afraid to use it against her to get her fired. At the worst, you will get fired but you will at least be through with the bitch and you known your heart you tried. At the best, she\'s gone!

    Take my solution if you want, its my opinion and nothing more. but please do me this. Buy a mini tape recorder and keep it in your pocket at all times. When she goes on one of her tantrums, tape it and put it away. Date and time the tape and keep on doing it over a period of time. At least this way, if you do lose your job because of that bitch, you can go file an EEOC complaint against her and you have the tape as evidence to back your claim. You may not get your job back, but you will get a nice settlement from the company.
  9. Critter you seem to have all the right answers. Critter style LMAO!
  10. O.k. SuperDork, how\'s about a Lil\' chuckle for ya?? :wave:
    Here\'s a Draft of a memo ya could send to the Branch manager (Fill in blanks with da Bitches name, lol)

    1*blank*,my supervisor,can always be found
    2 hard at work,in her office,*blank* works indepently,without
    3wasting company time talking to employees.*blank* never
    4thinks twice about helping us employees, and she always
    5finishes given tasks on time. Often she takes extended
    6measures to complete her work,sometimes skipping coffee
    7breaks.*blank* is a dedicated leader who has absolutely no
    8vanity in spite of her accomplishments, and profound
    9knowledge in her field.I firmly believe that *blank* can be
    10 rated as a high-caliber employee,the type which cannot be
    11dispensed with.Consequently,I recommend that *blank* be
    12promoted to executive management and a proposal will be
    13executed as soon as possible!!

    Added Later: The Bitch was looking over my shoulder when I wrote this memo. Re-Read only odd numbered lines for message!!
  11. you guys are the best ~ thanks for the support. i have thought about documenting things, and etc. i have thought about trying to get her fired, and if i had my co-workers\' help, i could probably do it ~ nevertheless they\'re either too afraid, or too far up my bosses ass to give a shit. my branch manager, bless his heart, is usually so busy that he\'s not in the office, and really has no clue how it truly is. i don\'t have the heart to slow him down to give him bad news, like \"i\'m thinking about finding another job.\" i wish !! i could take my boss\' position and still be @ the company, i know i could do it :D lol

    eh i just keep my dreams alive and my ears open, i am thinking about moving up north where the rent is cheap so i won\'t have to stay @ this job... maybe EVEN go back to school, major in something i LIKE (art history, cultural anthropology?!) not something that\'ll \"further my career,\" i know that sounds blatantly anti-productive, but i feel like it\'s time to do something for ME for once...

    today we had a potluck, one thing i have to say about my job is man our potlucks are a stoner\'s dream, i wish i coulda toked :D but was too busy manning the phones while everyone else was horsing around! haha
    story of my life, i\'ve always been a wuss @ these things, i can\'t complain because i haven\'t done anything about it for 3 years !!

    anyway it\'s FRIDAY the weekend is ahead of me, and I don\'t have a care in the world until 8am Monday. Hope your weekend is fabulous, the weather\'s lovely, and the weed plentiful.
  12. Ganjaphish, you need to be more assertive! You are being taken advantage of, and if you don\'t say something, nothing will change. Your branch manager will respect you if you tell him how you feel, because you are a valuable employee to him. Just go to him with examples and facts, and tell him what\'s going on! If anything, even if nothing happens, you will feel better knowing you stood up for yourself. You don\'t deserve to be treated that way. And the stress will harm your health. Good luck, gal, and keep us posted! :)
  13. l wonder what l said ?? :D
  14. wwe\'ve all had those crazy people and i think that hell has a special area designated for them next to all the crocked repulicans and democrats who try to designate what fun things people can do, like smoking and........... spraying a person who stole your stuff\'s house with paintballs.
  15. I wonder what you said, too critter!?

    Where is ganjafish these days?
  16. you were saying she always is trying to get you fired, do you mean she isnt high enough up for her to fire you, if so just start giving her a taste of what she gives you, i know it might hurt the customers calling but be a little slower, take breaks as you need them and try to get the other people to start picking up the slack... you cant work too hard, your going to have a heart attack!!! it sounds like they really NEED you there, i say tell her off if possible..... bad bosses do suck ass and in your situation it doesnt sound like you can make the best of it... but their has to be openings other places that make just as good pay... i really dont know the condition of where you live but just try to make it work!! sorry if none of this helped but i tried :)
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