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evicted cause of weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by k r e a m, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. #1 k r e a m, Mar 19, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 19, 2012
    sigh... well my landlord decided to swing by my place...
    he had always been ok with me tokin but this time he just snapped for no reason.
    i was hittin my bong on the couch when he opened the door and just like that, i got kicked out..

    give me some ideas of what i should do now lol, i have nothing to lose
  2. Lock the door next time.
  3. Pretty sure he cant just open your door, he really cant evict you because of that so...
  4. Isn't there a 30/60/90 day notice he has to give before kicking you out?

    Or you could have done the grasscity thing: Offer him some.
  5. Yeah what kind of shitty landlord comes over unannounced and doesnt even have the courtesy to fuckin knock? Fuck that bitch.
  6. Don't they have to have a 24 hour notice thing to come in your house?
  7. Maybe you were unfairly evicted? What happened?
  8. So he just walked in??? Wtf that's not right,you're paying the dude rent he should at least knock
  9. yea i agree with others, they cant just waltz into your house, not even a knock? thats bullshit, you gotta be able to claim/sue/get your house back under those circumstances
  10. He is not allowed to do that. You should have attacked him with a baseball bat and claimed he was an intruder
  11. Hell, you should still do that.
  12. Find a new place and smoke in your room lol. Sorry dudeseph, best of luck.
  13. To many illegal things going on, are you in a mmj state? If not then best thing u can do is cut your loses since you were caught doing something illegal (smoking).
  14. He cant just walk in man, and there's a 30 or 60 day limit. He cant just kick you out.

  15. He was smoking pipe tobacco out of a tobacco pipe:smoke:
  16. For all the people saying the landlord can't do that, it completely depends on whatever it says in the lease agreement.

    In most cases, they have to give you 24 hours notice before entering.

    I'm not sure quite how this affects eviction though.

    On one Oregon related site, I found this;

    On a California related site, I found information stating that in cases where the tenant is at fault as far as breaking the terms of the lease (which often times lists use of illegal drugs) the landlord only has to give 3 days notice to vacate.

    If you want to actually help yourself here, you're going to need to read your lease very closely and figure out what your renter rights are in your state.
  17. [quote name='"Chevyboy"']

    He was smoking pipe tobacco out of a tobacco pipe:smoke:[/quote]

    Im sure it smelled like menthol
  18. HAHAHA you would probably get away with it too:D:p
  19. Its not that hard to find a new apartment/condo

    There are everywhere now!
  20. theres no contract, so i cant really do much lol
    ive already accepted that hes just a cunt who pulled a dick move
    i reasoned with him and i can move back in 3 weeks

    and ps. i plan to buy extra sets of locks on that door lmao

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