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Everywhere is dry

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iFire, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Everytown near me is dry, i gave some guy £20 to find me something and now 3 days later he says there is nothing so I am getting the money back later... meaning im going to have to go 15 miles just for some weed :(
  2. whenever my dealers are dry i just take a trip to my friendly neighborhood ghetto. there u can get the fattest bags of the worst mids u can ever come across :cool:
  3. lol yea im trying to get a number so i can hopefully get some tommorow... had none for a WEEK AND A HALF!!!!1 :(
  4. 15 miles aint too bad at all man i drive 13 there and back for my usual guy, being dry sucks tho all you can do is hold tough and some will turn up
  5. My advice is to pick up large quantity's just for your personal use. If the weed is amazing I will drive a hour or so, but I will pick up a lot so I don't have to search/drive anywhere for a few weeks.
  6. End of summer drought- happens every year. Next year stash a baggie in the freezer, before the supply gets low! Then when this happens again, you got it covered!
  7. Buy half ounces atleast..

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