everywhere has streets!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by sirkush, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. yo, there are streets everywhere you look. everywhere has streets. even iin the amazon there are rivers, witch are like streets for boats
  2. everything is everything, each one teach one.
  3. rivers are for fish. Silly human trying to think the earth was made for us. Die.
  4. what this guy said, just please don't die.
  5. Die. :hide:
  6. veins are like streets for blood
  7. silly rabbit tricks are for kids
  8. my throat is a street for food...especially when im baked...and it ends up in the cul de sac of my tummy
  9. yo what if dieing is just a street to some other like way crazier shit!?!?!?!?!?
  10. lol you guys are baked, im jelly
  11. been lookin at that google maps i see lol
  12. This is really deep.

  13. Thats what she said
  14. dude, i'm going to tell you right now. download google earth. open it up, and disable all layers. look at random shit. commence having your mind BLOWN. based on your first post here i can guarantee that shit will amaze you. try looking around at major cities and then think about an anthill for a second.
  15. check out google street view on the Amazon River it was just added, they have a boat that went down it with the same cameras as the google street cars. you can see birds flying and shit it is insane
  16. dude thanks, i'm gonna check this out tomorrow.

  17. Na man you got it all wrong. That's what he said. :smoke:

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