everytime i take a piss.....

Discussion in 'General' started by Caffeine Chris, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. recently i have noticed that right as i start pissing i IMMEDIATELY flush the toilet then piss as fast and as hard as i can to try to finish before it completely flushes...i even do this while IM COMPLETELY SOBER, im not sure why or when i started doing this.. i usually have to flush it again at the end but sometimes i can do it...

    its like a game :laughing:

    anyone else do this? share :D
  2. I've done this.
  3. done this since I was like 11 haha.
  4. cheers! :smoking:

    but do you do this almost everytime?
  5. I used to do it when I was younger...it is fun.
  6. i used to do that when i was five.
  7. i used to do this too until one day someone told me when you flush the toilet shit particles float in like a 6ft radius so i didnt want shit on ma dick. still do it sometimes tho..
  8. haha damn thats crazy!
  9. I thought i was the only crazy ass that did this but it's good to know i'm not alone. I almost think of it as a timing game, most of the time i gotta flush twice! haha
  10. hell yeah! exactly the same here! bahaha
  11. I usually do this when I'm drunk.
  12. Used to do this a long time ago but now I let it mellow.
  13. if you dont finish in time, do you engage a re-flush, or just leave it?

  14. Same here when I learned that I just could not flush if the lid is not down
  15. I just did this and failed.
  16. I do something similar, but I try to time the flush so it ends right when I am done pissing. I figured it'd save me a precious second or so every day. Add that up, its about 9 minutes a year (1.5 seconds per day). Thats about 10 hours in your life if you do this for 65 years.

    I guess its pointless o.o
  17. I use to do it also, but I'd try to time it so I don't have to flush twice.
  18. i race the toilet too sometimes i mean i just gets boring doin a standard piss so y not make a mini game out of it lol

  19. I do it everytime usually.
  20. i do this too.. not really sure why :confused:
    maybe subconsciously i think it's saving time by killing 2 birds w/ 1 stone.. but it takes just as long to piss regardless of when you flush.

    i must ask my shrink why i do this.. will report back and let y'all know how nuts we are.

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