Everytime i take a hit i trip help

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by binks, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. I'm not sure what i should do.... i smoked weed that was laced with what i think might be pcp. I tripped really bad and it was really scary. I chilled and took a break from smoking. 22 days later i decide to take a hit to see how it would go and i started tripping just like the first time. I really miss smoking and not sure what to do. I was thinking just go slow first be around the smoke and slowly get used to it? help has this happened to anyone?

    ps... it was just some shit stuff that i smoked 22 days later i know it wasnt laced because my friends were fine just high.
  2. hahahaha its ok u just got really high.... i envy you, man - you must have a low tolerance or whatever
  3. i dont think thats it because i would smoke 3 times a day for awhile before i tripped.... but yet again i smoked about a gram of good hash by myself the first time i tripped. So why did i trip again from one hit of bad weed?
  4. i dunno man...it's happened to me before, for a while i smoked decent weed pretty much every day, and more on the weekends...eventually i got some very low mids from a kid... shitty as hell - but after like 1 bowl, i was trippin, squinty eyed, didnt even recognise my room lol

    i dont kno why i tripped from that but it sounds like the same thing, talk about getting bang for your buck
  5. yeahh hopefully i really wanna smoke again, but i tripped the last two times i smoked maybe i was just really really stoned because it did kind of seem like a high just really strong. although i was puking a few times
  6. I am pretty sure the first time you tripped was because you smoked a gram of hash by yourself, and the second time was because you waited almost a month without smoking.
  7. should i smoke again before waiting a month then?
  8. dude that's been happening to me lately, some of my friends think it's laced with something, it's actually quite amazing to me not scary :)
  9. youd know if u smoked pcp lol
  10. I would. Does it happen instantly after your first hit? Because you might just need to smoke less at one time.
  11. it takes about 30seconds for it to take affect and the second time after waiting 22 days i forgot to mention i was a little drunk barely and it was a fat bong rip
  12. I've never "tripped" from plain ole weed. Even during the times when I would wait a month, and then smoke a gram or more of top-notch bud. I dunno man... maybe your brain's a lot different than mine, but it sounds like you might've gotten laced the first time, and when you smoked again, your had a flashback or something?
  13. blinks if you smoked pcp you would wake up in jail, without clothes, covered in pepper spray, and a vague memory of headbutting a hole through your neighbors fence
  14. yeah i wasnt to sure about it being pcp, but when it was happening my friends kept telling me to calm down and it was just a flashback... the first time lasted about 4hours the second time no more then an hour. i remember knowing more what was going on because i had to talk to my friends mom. It just felt so real like everything was getting all weird and i was feeling trails somewhat within 5min.
  15. if you think its laced then watch out next time who you pick up from! but if it wasnt your just tripping out an had a good high
  16. I mean i'm not sure if it was laced i can remember mostly everything just i could feel my heart beat strongly, everything was all slow and confusing... i don't remember what it's like to be high anymore so when your high do you feel like when you lets say move your fingers does it like feel like its continuing moving kinda like repeatedly over and over again until you think about it?
  17. If you were puking from that weed then it was probably laced
  18. i want to smoke again i'm just afraid to trip again it really sucked.. what do you guys think i should do?

  19. I would suggest smoking small amounts, and seeing how it treats you. Maybe you'll stop tripping after a few times
  20. you think like just have my friend blow a little smoke in my face and see if that affects me in anyway.. i'm trying to start as small as possible first and build up again you know

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