Everythings Good, Then It Comes Crashing Down Again.

Discussion in 'General' started by GreenRush, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Yo blades I need some help. I'm about to get my BS in COmputer Science but a lot of software experts I've talked to and just stuff I've read on the internet say, I don't need to get my degree I just need certificates cause that actually proves I know how to code. Lately, I've been taking courses on CodeAcadamy  they're going well.
    All I need to know is should I get my degree or should i get certs. I dont want to go to college then waste all that money on something that will just make me look better not actually make me better.
    If this makes sense. I'm just really high and really confused and worried. All help welcome, thankyou!

  2. Your post is a bit confusing. How close are you to getting your degree?
    Usually certs can be received as you are completing your course work.
    Certs will get your foot in the door, but a degree can quickly escalate your position and pay. :smoke:
  3. In the USA you better have a degree from a well known university in order to get a decent paying job.
  4. Dude get the degree trust me! You can get the cert's after! You would way rather have the degree and then work on the cert's. The cert's wont be hard for you to get all you would have to do is take a test to get them which is nothing compared to getting your BS in comp science.

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