Everything you will ever need to know about dealing with cops?

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  1. I think everyone who smokes needs to know absolutely everything they can when dealing with, avoiding, and talking to cops. Also any information on legal, and court issues is welcome.
    That being said, go ahead people post every bit of information you have about the topic.
    For example:
    "If you get pulled over by a cop and you have MJ on you, you should..."

    GO! :D
  2. have left it at home
  3. Well I'm not sure how it works in the states but in Canada (BC in particular) cops cannot search your vehicle without a warrant even if your car reeks like weed. If they ask you just calmly and politely ask them for a search warrant or whatever. Worked tons of times and has probably saved my ass more times than it should. I love having a friend that works with the law. =)
  4. Unfortunately, and contrary to what I see posted on this site quite often, THE SMELL OF WEED IS PROBABLE CAUSE TO SEARCH YOUR VEHICLE. So just give him your bag if he asks, shit
  5. Roll your fucking windows down if your car smells like dank
  6. Good posts guys! Keep em comin!
  7. be really friendly and polite, smile a lot. not sure how well that'd work for a guy. :confused_2:
  8. Why would you give him the bag???

    might as well lie and hope he doesnt find it...
  9. that picture is SO GROSS! :mad:
    and how the fuck do you shit that much
  10. I remembered reading that somewhere, but I wasn't sure if it was Canada or not. They said that because actually smoking weed isn't a crime (only possession is), The smell of weed that has been smoked is not probable cause for a search.

    I haven't seen this confirmed though.

    Are you in the U.S.? Canada?
  11. Yea right

  12. where i live youre likely to get off if you just give it up... if the cop has to look for it youre in a much deeper hole. denver area

  13. I'm a guy and it works well.(At least it has worked for me is the past) I always think about killing the cop that's talking to me...usually as he's talking to me....puts me in a good mood. :eek:
  14. Nope, unfortunately smell isn't PC for arrest...but it is PC for searching :(
  15. I would say, especially in MN, this is good advice. The more open and friendly you are to the cop, the less he is going to expect anything.
    However, if you're like me and have social anxiety and a panic disorder, it's harder to keep a cool. :eek:
  16. idk i'm asian with glasses so probably not the best person to give advice.

    but yeah heard of a guy on GC who was saying how he put his stash in an old stick of deodorant but it was his girls or something. covered up the smell and everything. and when the cop asked he just said something like oh wel got in an argument, and i just took it or something. IDK
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDJrQBwJpqk]YouTube - The RIGHT Way to Handle a Police Stop[/ame]
  18. What seems to be the officer, problem?

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