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Everything you need to know about tolerence

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chronik-Judge, Aug 17, 2010.

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    A) Difference cannaboids create strain tolerance
    Basically there are other cannaboids in weed that get you high besides THC(more common in sativa strains) and CBD(more common in indica strains) hence you may have a larger tolerence to certain cannaboids. To increase your high, vary your kinds of weed. If you have been smoking a sativa dominant, try something more of the indica variety. It will help a lot.
    This especially applies to when you go through a lot of the same strain and notice it barely effects you.

    B) Different methods of consumption will get you higher
    If you smoke a lot of joints, hit the bong.. or edibles... etc... Vary the way you consume your marijuana. Trust me it will make a large difference.
    If you already do all these things, consider changing your pace.
    For example: Instead of hitting 2-5 big ass bong hits in 10 minutes consider taking a small hit from a pipe every few minutes for an hour. You will notice you will get higher.
    Another idea is a "bonghit t-break" Smoke only joints for a week then come back to your large bonghits, they will destroy you again!)

    C) Your environment
    Change the kind of environment you smoke or spend your time high in, this will add to your high A LOT. I do believe it's mostly psychological but it does make a large difference.

    D) the time factor
    This is the obvious one, don't smoke and you'll get higher as your cannaboid receptors become less sensitive.

    F) Myths --> Drinking water won't help
    --> Exercising may seem to be helping, but it's simply the combination of the endorphins and your regular high (Still nice though!)
    --> The THC metabolites in your blood are not active, hence burning fat does not get you high

    G) Controversial Methods
    --> Mango --> it's said that mycerine helps thc break the brain blood barrier.
    --> Dark Chocolate --> It's said that the dark chocolate adds to your high in the same way those endorphins(SP?) from exercise might be. EDIT: To clarify, dark chocolate does not create endorphins

    EDIT: Additional information
    Tolerence drops much more quickly at first and then levels off.
    This means that the first day your tolerence decreases the most, then after a week it is decreasing slower.

    Hope that makes sense. So really the marginal utility of your t-break is decreasing constantly.

    NOTE: I think I covered everything although I did this rather quickly, if people actually appreciate this post i'll add details and explain everything more carefully.
  2. nice.

    id rep u but it wont let me
  3. Dark chocolate is thought to help increase the high because it contains anandamide, one of the body's endogenous cannabinoids. It has nothing to do with endorphine production.

  4. Oh I didn't mean to come off that way I meant "it's the combination of the two" LIKE the endorphine smoking effect. My bad I wrote it out quick.
  5. No worries, just helping out.
  6. So now let me get this straight, tolerance only has to do with the sensitivity of the cannabinoid receptors, not the thc built up in your body fat as well? Sorry haha good info though
  7. That is correct. The metabolites stored in your body fat are not psychoactive to any significant degree and do not 'tickle' the CB receptors.

  8. Gotcha, thanks OSG!

  9. Ps. lemme know if i missed anything I should add
  10. I'm equally unsure about there being any hard science to back up C, but I can speak to it working on some level, psychologically or physiologically.
  11. Does Sugar definately sober up your high?

  12. I have only ever heard that eating might, although I disagree.
    I have heard people say it's because the blood rushes to your stomach. Just FYI that is bunk science.

    People also say showering does but I think it simply has to do with the environment and the relaxing effect of being in a shower, I think it also has to do with the amount of time people spend in there!

    This is all without science of course and simply speculation.
    While we're speculating i'll throw in that smoking in a hot tub seems to get me extra high as well.

    Maybe we can get some more opinions.
  13. There is no empirical evidence to suggest that eating affects one's high. It's an urban legend turned into the placebo effect.
  14. i really want to know if the mango thing works. and as far as the change in environment, i totally believe in that. you really let your body feel the high if you like the place you're chilling at, and the people i smoke with affects the way i handle the high too. if i don't know you very well i try not to cheese around you.

  15. I was able to overcome that one after you told me that the first time, still can't beat the shower high kill though ^_^
  16. If your high is mostly effected by time, then doing anything that took time, would technically get you less high. Thats the way I see it. :smoking:
  17. #17 liquidlightning, Aug 18, 2010
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    I agree or see how most of this makes sense, but I gotta say, a shower kills my high every single time. It's like taking a 3 hour nap for me. Anybody else get this?

    And I can personally attest to taking small hits every few minutes over the space of an hour to improve tolerance-choked highs. I'm not getting hit too hard anymore and I was doing this last night and noticed way more of the desired effects.

    Edit: btw I +rep'd OP for useful info

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