Everything You Need To Know About The Ps4

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  1. £349?
    Well done Sony.
  2. No official release date yet?
  3. they're eating off the fact that xbox one requires all that trouble for a used game...
    they're gonna gain customers from that.. but the question is... will it have those powerful exclusives like ps2 had? 
  4. Someone showed me that vid while I was in line waiting to preorder.  I thought it was pretty funny.  I love how they are taking these jabs in fun. 
  5. This is the first time I am going to get a console at launch. 
  6. Unfortunately a lot of PS exclusives are switching over to the Xbox one is what I heard. They make more money off people not reselling their games so games like Kindom Hearts is going Xbox.
  7. way to kill the mood, Microsoft Employee #1...  :smoke:
    will any backwards compatibility exist?if not, i could prolly just download whatever game i wanted.
  8. Oh no! You foiled my plan!!

    BILL GATES FOR LIFE! /self detonate
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    Kingdom hearts is going to be dual platform not exclusive. Not sure what you think is switching over to xbone but I haven't heard any devs confirming that they are doing this. The Exclusive list doesn't have any listed either.
    Will the Playstation have good exclusives? Hmmm I'll go with history and say hell yes they will, PS1, PS2, PS3 all had great exclusives. The PS4 will be no different.
    But if you would ilke a list of the exclusives already confirmed....
  10. Does PS4 remind anyone else of a PS2 but just obviously upgraded?

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