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  1. AD326FCF-88D0-46CC-9715-44595CB38396.jpeg So my grow was going amazing untill I put plants into flower 4 days ago. Yesterday I noticed something and today it’s much more obvious that I’ve got some kind of a problem.

    I’m growing in Promix HP
    Using advanced nutrients micro grow bloom with cal mag, b52, voodoo juice, big bud, rhino skin, bud candy, and overdrive. All being used at appropriate times according to there growing schedule.
    temperature is 24-26°c
    Humidity at 40%
    Growing zkittles donkey budder and Jelousy in 7g pots.
    Veg was for 6-7 weeks from clones with zero issues and now 4 maybe 5 days into flower and I’m showing signs of Interveinal yellowing leaves at what I’d say is a rapid pace.

    This was how the leaves looked last night 9pm
    Won’t let me post another picture for some reason but the damaged parts of the leaf are going brown now I’ll try to add a pic in a reply AD326FCF-88D0-46CC-9715-44595CB38396.jpeg
  3. i put mine in flower 7 days ago having issues too with yellowing i ordered some chelated iron supplemen and got my PH to 6.7 PH is very crucial have you checked both your ppm and ph in runoff?
  4. Yes I have. My PH is taken take off by using the advanced nutrients PH perfect. Always worked for me on the past so don’t think it could be PH issues.
    runoff is only around 1100ppm after watering
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  5. The Grow schedule don't know the appropriate time. Only You can read it of the Plants, when it will be the right time to feed or not to feed.
  6. Hard to tell for sure from the pic, but that kind of looks like physical damage. Might check the underside of the leaves with a scope for hungry critters. Maybe something there, maybe not, but probably good to rule out.
  7. Yes I have inspected daily and see nothing.
    This pic is alittle better compared to the last one .

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  8. what was your humidity % in veg compared to the time of flip? Sometimes going from high 60s to low 70s down to 40s in flower causes shock and those colors to come out a bit. I usually let the flower room sit at 60% humidity for first week then lower it 5% till week 3
  9. Looks like light burn to me. How close is your lighting to that leaf?

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