everything is everything

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by fracturtle, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. has anyone else thought this? i'm not even exactly sure what it means, but i have come to that conclusion on a few occasions and have spoken with people who have also had that thought
  2. "If you can't find something, you are no looking in the right place"

    A gold star for the person to say the magic word.
  3. popsicle.
  4. I was looking for "Tautology", but that's close enough.
  5. ...........:bongin:..............*exhales*............

    ..........i see....
  6. Not trying to be rude, but this really doesn't make much sense. Everything is everything? It's like making a thread saying "My television is a telivision.. what do you guys think??"

    Maybe elaborate a little more? :smoking:
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    well we agree everything is everything, now what?

    your television is my thumb.
  8. Your thumb is my front door.
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    Sounds to me like you had a revelation on a hallucinogen that's ridiculously stupid in sober land. We all have them, but few post them...

    Are you trying to say that every THING is everything?
  10. i think you guys get it:D..the first time this idea came into my head was on mushrooms when i first started to realize that i know words that have meanings, but i was a little befuddled concerning their origin, structure, and reasoning behind them. i think i came to the conclusion that everything is everything because my popsicle could be your hotdog, your red my green, my floogenheim your flabberhovel etc etc..i know this isn't a new idea.

    i have also heard it suggested that everything is nothing at all.

    i guess the reason i posted this is because i've seen it a few times on the internet and heard other people say the same thing but no one can give a real explanation as to why. i can at least explain that my thoughts were in relation to the meaning behind language.

    i realize that everything is everything is pretty vague and obvious, but i enjoy finding meaning behind what is probably a drug induced perceived realization of truth.

    unless of course it is just a silly way of getting me to realize that almost the entire world is fabricated and unnatural in which case yes, i agree.
  11. Tautological sentences that produce mind-loops can often times be perceived to be incredibly philosophical when high.
  12. word... :nods head:

    i mean its all just matter or energy.
  13. we are the earth....we eat the earth we grow from it...how could we not be "the earth"
    everything is everything
  14. I don't think i've smoked enough weed to be allowed entrance to this thread.
  15. Everything is energy. We are all energy. and yea... everything is everything makes no sense....
  16. When I read this I interpreted it to mean something like "all is one, one is all", but put in a very cryptic zen sorta way.

    [edit]: I just realized,
    every thing is everything = all is one
    everything is every thing = one is all

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