everything happens for a reason?

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  1. opinions?
    i believe it does- and i'm not a religious guy.
  2. I'm not sure i beleive in some divine plan or no free will... but i definitely beleive everything that happens serves a purpose and reason to our life
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    Not sure if i'd agree that everything happens for a specific reason... some times things just happen as a part of life... as a part of nature.

    Hmmm... everything happens for a reason? No... everything just happens.
  4. Funny, I'm exactly the opposite.

    As far as I can tell, shit happens, and there's no reason for any of it.
  5. I believe that "cause and effect" tempts us into the delusion that "everything happens for a reason". The observation of "cause and effect" is often abused by interpreting that one event caused another event, imply the pre-causal event existed for a conditional reason.

    I believe dutifully in Occam's Razor, and reside the simpler conclusion that things happen, and then some more things happen.

  6. I agree
  7. I remember that scrubs episode where dr. cox was hasseling that black woman the whole time, hes like everything happens for a reason now doesn't it?

  8. take it one farther... shit happens, and theres no reason for it to happen, nor for that shit in the first place...

    the universe is an uncaring place,

    i want to say so much more... but it comes down to this... we dont know shit, so it doesnt matter what we think.... our physics are local... (in terms of space time and movement and scale)

  9. Does it really matter?

    A change in world view changes the world viewed.
  10. Sure everything happens for a reason... there's just not always a fantastic fairy tale behind it.

    Nevertheless, some things are fantastic. :)
  11. I agree. Everythig happens for a reason, that reason being that something has happened before that.

  12. you sound like a hindu..

    What I think? I just think that every action you take has a specific reaction to it, and so on and so forth. Cause and Effect basically. But saying things are already planned for us, like our destiny, is crazy to me. Some people just make it appear that way.
  13. Well if you think about it everything that has ever happened to you before and experience conditioned you to act a certain way at that time, thus shaping you.
    The fastest runner in the world wouldn't be all that amazing anymore if you looked at all the hours he practiced.
    And people would have empathy for even the most twisted criminal if they looked at his suffering.

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