Everything good just need abit of advise how long left

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  1. Its my first time growing and i did it outside the plant looks good and getting fatter buds just its taking along time and the weather can get worrying i realized i did start the plant erly july im patient but its comming into october and still going IMG_20220929_074411.jpg IMG_20220928_073324_1.jpg
  2. when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram.jpg
    check the image and compare with your 25X loupe, but another 3-4 weeks from here

    good luck
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  3. Ok thankyou so really comming end of october should be ready i had a feeling it would be lots of white hairs and just keep getting fattet but i got good weather comming in at moment so

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  4. dont get in a hurry she still has about 4 weeks all those white hairs need to be gone very nice fat looking buds good job just chill the wait will be worth it
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  5. Don't wreck 6 months of work by harvesting early! You can always snip a bud and flash dry it to try out, but don't chop her before her time. Unless you have a freeze coming, then the timing is out of your hands.
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  6. Thanks buddy will take your advise and wait got some good weather comming in atm so hopefully wont need to cut short

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  7. Thanks buddy yea i will wait deffo dont want to wreck that work will keep a eye out for the weather though looking ok atm so

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  8. All the white hairs should be gone or turned orange. Anytime in Oct is the usual harvest window but let the plant tell you. Freezing will kill her so pull before the first predicted freeze even if she isn't quite done.

    The 2 biggest threats outside IME are Powdery Mildew and Caterpillars.

    High PH water will keep the mildew under control. 1 tablespoon Baking Soda to 1 gallon of water. Drench spray once a week seedling to harvest.

    Caterpillars use BT Thuricide from the first signs of flower weekly up to the week of Harvest. BT is only effective against Caterpillars and is Organic rated.
    ZZ BT 22.jpg

    Destroyed by Sunlight in 2 days this is a biological bacterium not a long lasting chemical poison. I've used this for the better part of the last 10 years.

  9. [​IMG]

    Eventually the Caterpillars get big enough to eat through the stem killing the tops and letting the Sun dry them. This is damage I took in several spots this summer even spraying BT Thuricide religiously. Unprotected Cannabis can be totally destroyed as every drop of Caterpillar crap form a point that mold starts in.

    You get it all harvested and trimmed and hung when the first Caterpillars start to repel on silk looking for a new live plant to eat. You sweep them off but an hour later there are more. By the next morning there are dozens per hour hanging down. Eventually it reaches the hundreds and your just screwed as when you start to break down the Colas is when you find all the mold and you have to destroy over 5 pounds of what should have been an excellent grow.

    I simply didn't know or understand the magnitude of the threat I was dealing with. Running a bug zapper will help limit the moths that are the source of your nightmare.


    I cut the grills away so I can brush the dead out every morning. It acts as my monitor on how bad the moth infestation is.

  10. I seem to be ok i live near the sea i have good breeze ventalation and i do check for catapullers and other insects nothing will defoo keep looking everyday

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  11. Just growing normaly IMG_20220928_073339.jpg

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