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Everything a stoner need?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sobe, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. Ok......I am just looking for all the things that the average weedhead always carries with him. And I don't mean marijuana, papers, pipe.......i mean come on.......who doesn't always have those on them......I am talking about, maybe, some eye drops, cough drops, paper clip, some form of music.........stuff like that......stuff that just aids in the pothead life.......the essentials...........
  2. Visine, perfume, cell phone, pocket knife, a safety pin, mints/gum, metal bowl piece, extra lighter(s), beverage, band-aids, mirror, gloves, little black book, a pen, keys, a condom, CD player, CD's, and candy.

    Good thing I have a huge purse:)
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  3. haha, i was about to say where do you fit all that...but then yo a girl and have purse. myself...being a guy...carry a lighter, gum, pipe, weed. the bare esentials.
  4. dang 420girlie you are packin! ;)

    I don't carry any of that stuff to work w/ me, and don't like smoking in public places (unless @ a show) so here's what's on me at ALL TIMES:
    gum, wallet(duh), camera, pen/paper of some sort, some small candy, like a hard candy or piece of chocolate if i get a sweet tooth, excedrin migraine, and the current book i am reading (you never know when you'll get stuck in a line somewhere or catch a free moment!)

    if i'm going to shows it changes:
    id, atm card, disposable camera (if i can sneak em in), tiny glass piece, weed, gum, pot brownies/cookies, safety pin/paper clip (cleans out pipe in a flash), lighter, blanket, water... the greek theatre here doesn't search you for the hippie shows, you just have to let them test your water... sooo sometimes you can even bring food in and a big phat blanket, spread it out and just veg ~~

    so it kinda depends where i'm off to :)
  5. I have a big ass mommy purse because I always hang out w/ a bunch of boys and they always need something.

    BTW, a stoner can never have too many resources.
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  6. i carry the usual with me.....but i also i pack a lil something extra. The most amazing thing to do while stoned is to eat some of those listerene tabs you put on your tongue. They feel like they ate a hole in the top of your mouth. Totally a weird funny feeling...go ahead try me it'll be worth the 2 bucks to spend on it. pass the doobie.....


  7. Get used to it, no matter how old we get, we still need stuff out of them big old mommy bags.

    And I had this image of a cheerleader about you! LOL
  8. I don't carry nothing with me because I keep it in my little room, for those that remember i fixed my self a little coffeshop to get away.

    OK let's do an inventory of BPP' room.

    Moving waterfall picture
    Red lava lamp,
    Stuffed fish covered with mardi gras beads
    old couch
    big ass portrait that used to hang in my in-laws living room,
    cowboy hat
    inca toboggan hat,
    shiny gold moon mask
    bird mask with purple flowers
    blue-ish fluoro gro light on the wall
    old persian rug
    brand new cd player with remote control (god how I love the remote)
    stash box full of blue and green bic lighters (25 at last count)
    stash box full of pipes, slides, one-hitters, etc
    stash box full of rolling papers, rolling machine etc
    ferts and nutes
    Mardi gras inspired stand-up ashtray
    assorted roach clips
    big ass jar of roaches
    a big plastic roach for anyone who says "gimme a roach to smoke"
    a dozen fishing poles
    big ass tackle box full of fishing gear
    heater to stay warm in winter
    big gold bong
    telephone (will get your ass in trouble because the wife will call the number to see how into the smoking I am)
    the purple-speckled chair i painted and reupholstered with purple crushed velvet
    old magazines so I can look at pictures
    And last but not least, a picture of my wife!

    Hard to believe I'm 37 years old

    the only thing missing is a Elvis on black velvet portrait, a refrigerator and a computer!

  9. What, cheerleaders can't have big ass purses?

    I tried to make my purse self-serve, but boys just can't navigate in a purse.*lol*

    p.s. I used to have a smoke room too. It was a small ass room about the size of a queen size bed. I got some comfy ass wicker chairs and a trunk that doubles as a chair/ table and put 'em in a circle. On the weekend The guys would come over and we would just clam bake all day. HELL YEAH!
    sometimes my mom would make us sandwiches or brownies. God I love my mommy!
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  10. I college guy like me takes his wallet, 2 condoms :), smints, visine, water, cell phone, paper clips, pipe, weed, Bic eletric lighter, and a toy. Toys are usually something like a laser pen or those nails that are bent together and need to be seperated.
  11. Play Doh or Silly Putty
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  12. Slinkys are fun too, not the cheap plastic ones though. Get the metal ones. My friend was playing with it one time and he put an end between his teeth then flicked it, it sounds really neat cause it uses your skull as a sounding board.
  13. my answer to the lotto question a long time ago,....if i had mucho dinero id have bpp's room waterfall an'all. for my stash... a lighter (bably blue....i stole it.) a joint and the extra wintergreen gum
  14. wait,wait...i better tell you about this squigly twirly silly snake lookin kinda thing, funny as hell looking pipe which i am currently smoking outa right now. along with a half of a tiny peach pill i kinda feel like the fat catipillar from alice in,....:D
  15. Let me add on to my inventory!

    My wife, the sweet lovely women that she is, got me a couple of purple, crushed velvet pillows and a brass and jeweled incense burner. Now me wife says I need a beaded curtain, and the Elvis on black velvet, and my little room will be christened "Big Poppa's Jungle Room".

    One thing you will never find in my room is a clock.
  16. Excluding a pipe...

    I always have:

    a lighter, air freshener/ perfum (the stupid people in my dorm ALWAYS complain about the smell), Altiods, A really good CD, cell phone, a pen, zig zags (cause joints are my favorite!!!) clear eyes, a condom, a BOTTLE OF WATER and last but not least- the perfect people. If you smoke with people you don't really know to well or get along with, then there's an opportunity for disaster And 420 girlie-ya know what i started using since i hate carrying a big ass purse... one of those baby back packs, not the plaid ones with buckles and patches that a 7th grader would wear-but a nice small leather one. i keep everthing in there. it holds all perfectly. As far as you guys go... I duno. look for a girl like 420 girlie to smoke with-then you'll never have to worry about a thing
  17. Ok, here's my issue. I'm at a nice college that is sunny and warm all year round. As a result it attracts the most beautiful women I have ever seen. However the big problem is that a mojority of them are blond (95%) and unfortunatly they seem to fit the stereotype, nothing against blond but..... But girls that are in effect just a pretty face get really fucking old. Where are all the stoner chics? Not even the girls in sororities smoke a lot. I guess this question really can't be answered. Oh well. GO 420Girlie and Jada.
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  18. well duhcat, I'm a brunett. Suprise. my college is nice and sunny too. I think you might be looking too hard. let come to you...

  19. Thank you Dunkatt.
    Maybe you should try looking somewhere w/ a less academic atmosphere:)

    P.S. I'm a red head and a Leo, makes for one fiesty stoner*lol*
  20. actually he's right. ASU's basically full of SDSU rejects, they're pretty beautiful though.

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