Everyone's Favorite Stoned Song

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Smokie McBlunts, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. I was just stoned about an hour ago, smoked some bomb ass nuggets (dank i guess u guys call it.. the light green red haired really nice stuff :) )_and i was just listening to music for ever... my favorite song to listen to stoned.. well the list goes on and on.. but right now i'm gonna pick IronMan by Ozzy Osbourne... just becaues its a great song and the guitar in his version is better than the older one done by BlackSabbath...

    so what is everyone elses fav song to listen to when ur stoned out of your gorde? :)

    peace. Out
  2. grateful dead truckin' kicks any band right in the ass

  3. Gd-Help is on the way>slipknot!>franklins tower
  4. If I'm in a 'laughing high', there's no song I love better than Afroman's "Cause I Got High"...

    Will put any stoner in a great mood...
  5. Plateau - Nirvana

    and the whole Requiem for a Dream soundtrack is crazy while stoned.
  6. Gd all the way

    Scarlet beggonias-->Fire on the Mountain, Franklins Tower, Eyes of the world


    Fee, Bouncing around the room, run like an antelope, lizards, you enjoy myself etc.

    men without hats

    The Safety Dance (the midget with the eukalalei!!)
  7. laughing high, afroman - colt45
    but normal stoned out, Bob Marley - iron zion lion
  8. well Andrew WK is good to! So is Disturbed!
  9. del the funky homosapien - BM'S
    sublime - lets go get stoned, new song, get ready
    chopper & smash mouth - virgin girl
  10. Pink Floyd - The Wall (entire cd)
    also ,Mother,Fearless,Wish you were here,Pigs and right now im in love with corporal cleg...
  11. I've been listening to a lot of trip-hop lately so right now my favorite song to get high to is It's a fire by Portishead
  12. Any CD by Pink Floyd most definately. Also Bright Eyes is really cool. (Nobody hear has heard of them im sure, but its really cool music)
  13. Also Aphex Twin, or any other name Richard D. James has used. If you have not heard of Aphex Twin, it was basically Richard D. James who invented a type of music called Drill and Bass. He's on the top 100 artists of all time list I think my friend told me. Anyways, he composes under Aphex Twin currently, and thats what all of his popular music is under. If you want to see a trippy ass music video, search for his music video Aphex Twin - Come to daddy. It was banned from MTV for disturbing images. Its just weird. Anyways, he's pretty badass to listen to while high as well.
  14. Corporal Clegg by pink floyd that song is amazing
  15. Mystikal - I Smell Smoke.

    If you can understand what he's saying it's hilarious AND it's about pot! Two for one! SCORE :D
  16. If I had to pick one song it would be Stairway to heaven by Led Zepplin. But I spent many a night listening to Tommy by the Who. But listen to the orginal cd, not the movie, it blows.
  17. very very hard choice between

    Day dreamin fazes -kottonmouth kings
    kings blend - kottonmouth kings

    actually they are what I like to light my bud up to, but listen to while stoned aswell.
  18. The Moody Blues In search of the Lost Chord the whole CD pink floyd also

  19. Actually, I love Bright Eyes...I heard "Lover I Don't Have To Love" and I immediately bought Lifted or the Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground...wonderful CD!

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