Everyones Favorite Dictator Bypasses Congress Yet Again To Give Himself A Raise

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  1. He just doing such a great job!

  2. If one is a statist or police-state advocate, then yes, he's doing a great job. :)
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    Is there news of this from a more credible source? 
    The language of this is suspect. "also now includes" connotes as if this were included in the executive order, however these accounts with their respective amounts have been in existence since 2001. 
    Going off on a tangent, this is bullshit. This is not an issue with a particular president, but rather the system itself... a $50,000 annual expense account? That is more than what a lot of people I know make in a year. 19,000$ for entertainment? lawl. Seriously, the nerve of the ruling class. It's downright insulting. 
    The president can say he is for the middle class all he wants, while his "expense account" is more than what a lot of middle class Americans make... and that is apart from a $400,000 salary? What the fuck you need an expense account for? And you know what, I bet a lot of people who vote for these "middle class warrior" will defend this outrageous shit tooth and nail.
    These American aristocrats should take notes from Jose Mujica.
  4. Didn't read the article, but how is it even possible to use an executive order to raise your own pay? I don't even think he should be getting paid what he is normally allowed since he hasn't been doing his job as he should..
  5. lol, im going to DC on Wednesday. can't tour the white house due to the "cuts" yet, this happens. lol lolololllololoollololoololollollollolo infinite lols lololololol 
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    can't find anyy real source on this story. I have to say it might be a fake until I see facts soz
    not only is the website where the article originated from uncreditable it also appears to be a "haha" joke along with every other article on there i'm presuming. here's another article from the website that says he's "searching for special white house counsel on craigslist".
    seems like u fell for some republican satire. some pretty dry satire too. soz again man
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    Didnt Obama raise taxes on people making over 400,000 or 450,000 dollars?
    Soooo if he had a 400,000 dollar salary, then added 50,000, that is 450,000.
    So did he just raise taxes on himself?
    Then again the source isnt really credible, so who knows.
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    I don't really know. If the article isn't false (which I think it is right now) then a 500,000 salary has less purchasing power than when the 400,000 salary was introduced in 2001. According to wikipedia in 1969 the presidential salary had the purchasing power of $1.2 million.  What does one expect when you allow a small group of individuals to make a living on legal plunder? Huehue. And then some of them have the nerve to say they fight for the middle class. 
  9. fuck it...why bother...
    i.e..our paychecks buy 20% less then they did, and it's going to get worse...yet, We The People do not have the power to just increase our take home pay to compensate, like all the elected officials in DC do...
  11. The article is of  a questionable source to say the least
    But don't put nothing past the wanna be king
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    I think Obama's more a figurehead than a dictator. He's sort of like the Queen of England or Xi Jinping. At this point it's pretty clear he lounges around watching ESPN all day when he's not hanging out with his favorite celebrities. Now and then he has to read a speech they wrote for him or pose for pictures with foreign dignitaries but that's about it. He doesn't seem to have much control over policy choices or the decision-making process within his own administration.
    I mean it's clear Bush too had little role in his own administration. He let Dick Cheney and the neocon gang control his presidency while he just chilled.
  13. "Welcome to the White House Mr. president. Make yourself comfortable while we do all the work. Don't worry, we're used to doing all the work.."

    How I imagine it playing out.
    The people with the money are calling the shots, think about it, i don't understand why this concept is so hard for people to understand, Obama gives a fuck about where the moneys at, what, is he gonna sign a bill to please voters or sign a bill because lobbyists are a factor in the equation, a major factor i might add.
    With the electoral college he doesn't even have to worry about pissing off voters, its not government, its fucking capitalism at its finest, the only difference is that now basically on one end of that divide you have people who are extremely wealthy and on the other end, literally everyone else and the longer this goes on, the bigger the divide is gonna get.
    Just remember, in the great words of Ludacris "Money money money, if ya got it throw your ones up and if they ain't got it tell em' shut up ya dumb fuck" 
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    No matter who gets elected, Republican or Democrat, there are certain forces in charge. There's a shadow government that stays in power regardless of any election. The power elite are in control of this country no matter what. I think the president pretty much plays a ceremonial role and just follows the directions given to him who are really in command.
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    This is where people over think it though, like its not some shadow government its all the corporations with all the money, they have their own agenda that they need to fulfill in order to continue making money, its the same thing with going to war, once the momentum starts building and the interests in making money start aligning there is NOBODY that can stop it. 
    Thats my 2 cents, i'd like to think this is fact but i don't even know what to say anymore, lol, i even wonder if the whole stereo type of "Oh he rambles on about the government, he must be crazy" was intentional as well, probably was. 
    My main point is that this type of behavior has been going on since, what, 1930's? 1940's? They are so rooted in the system now if you tried to remove them it probably just wouldn't even be possible without a complete collapse. 
    I live in fucking Canada by the way, educate yourselves!!
    No one seems to care that this article isn't true. 
    Facts are irrelevant when you dislike Obama.   
  18. There are plenty of facts to dislike obama with, regardless.
  19. I stated more than once that I thought it was false.
  20. Obama's ink pen is more of an "assault weapon" than anything I currently own or have used in combat.


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