everyone who hasnt

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  1. I don't know... I don't get like that.
  2. Why does this shit end up here?
  3. this is retarded
  4. That wasn't worth the energy exerted to click the link.
  5. Wait what?
    I wish my dick looked like Gary Coleman
    that'd be one big black dick...

    oh yea this is posted in the wrong section,
    there is a fucking music section you know....
  6. song sucks here we go ocvan style

    my dick jump kicked norris
    your dick might b a clitoris

    yo my dick = hard hat zone
    your dick no chick will bone

    my dick named the milky way
    your dick is shriveld and gray

    my dick google search #1
    your dick look koreon

    my dick cozed world war 2
    your dick look like it got the flew

    my dick killed like five chicks
    your dick about the size of a tick's

    want more?
  7. no please no

  8. exactly.
    song sucks
  9. my dick

    goes to yoga

    yo dick

    fruit roll up

    (only funny part)
  10. I heard that song on Harold and Kumar 2...

    and it didn't sound any better this time.

    Listen to some Opeth for some real music.
  11. LOL That is too funny that you posted this. This Mickey Avalon clown played at my school's spring fling last year. Not a huge fan, but he did put on a good show and it was fun.

    I was so fucking wasted, after the show I went up to him and got my flask signed. Bought the flask drunk in Hong Kong, so this baby has seen some pretty ridiculous nights! :p

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    Metalhead stoners unite! \m/
  13. This sucks, AND you didn't post in the right forum. Worthless.
  14. hahahahhahahahaha mickey avalon

  15. This song worked real well in Harold and Kumar 2, although I agree opeth is much better (I dont even like opeth):hello:
  16. i dont care i think that songs dope

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