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Everyone wear a green bracelet!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by Umbrä, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. #1 Umbrä, Feb 22, 2010
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    I was just reading up online and someone reccomended wearing green bracelets, to allow stoners to recognize fellow stoners. Sounds like a good idea to me, so I'm thinking I'll start wearing one. Sorry if this is not the place to put this, I'm still rather new to the city.

    Anyway, spread the word.
  2. hahaha good idea like live strong bracelets exepty a big white marijuana plant symbol would be great.. id always wear mine
  3. I wear a green rubber/latex bracelet saying "livestoned" everyday, and have been for 2 years now

    way ahead of u :p
  4. I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to post links that profit to other sites.
    But if you google legalize it clothing, they have those green bracelets like the yellow livestrong ones. :]
  5. I don't have a green bracelet but I'll be sure to sport my Twiztid Pot leaf hat and a green tall tell to match so that other stoners can spot me out!!

  6. Oh, thanks for the heads up, I'll take care of that now.

    So, guys now when you're in a new area, you know where to get hook-ups if this catches on. I'll be making one of those summer camp bracelets out of intertwined string.
  7. Everybody get Livestoned bracelets- EPIC FIND
  8. Where can I find Livestoned bracelets? At the mall?
  9. Ill have to find one when I can. Good idea
  10. Good idea also would be to use green Bic lighters with the safety removed or something - when you're smoking a cigarette, people will go "Ahh, that guys a toker" :smoking:
  11. Yeah, that's good stuff man, not sure if I can resist the urge of using my flip-top, though. :p

    I like this, because you can just walk up to a guy with a green bracelet, and be like "Heeyyyyy. Got any connects, bud?"
  12. This is a pretty good idea. I know you can go on ebay and get custom bracelets, like pay for a lot of 20 for 33$ I think. You can choose color and what it says. If you google "Livestoned", the site has 1 bracelet for $4.20, pretty much a rip. PM me if you want a link to the place that sells custom bracelets.
  13. If only we had a connection to get these for like $0.02 each, we could hand them out and spread word for legalization... It would be pretty sweet.
  14. Nothing wrong with weaving them, I guess?

  15. I just bought mine yesterday on ebay, I cant wait till it gets here. :)
  16. Nah, we need a "livestoned" bracelet. We could raise money for the legalization of that Green Medicine!
  17. iphone should make an ap that alerts you when other stoners are in the area. They chould call it "420 watch" or "Bud Buddy".
  18. The BC smokeshop in houston hands out bracelets that Say "Cause It's the DANK!", i always wore mine, but some asshole broke it in a scuffle, i need to go home and drop in to get me another one.

  19. what if a cop got ahold of that lol that would be not a good story nope.

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