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everyone watch out

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. yes... watch out you must...

    cottons will be on 10 hits of acid tonight.

    i won't be around the city until late though.... gonna chill with some friends for a while until the rents go to sleep, then once it's all clear i'll sneak back in the house. hopefully i won't be to fucked up to come to the city :D
  2. What's up brother Cottons???? Long time no see my friend. 10 hits huh? Sounds like a recipie for some serious fun!! Let us know how it goes for ya buddy!!

    LOL, hope you have fun tonight, and be careful :D
  4. hehe gl
    Tell me how it goes, i've always been curious about acid
  5. lol, it just came here lastnight... i woulda been in TN before i coulda gotten ahold of it... long time no see indiana. welcome back bro. :D

    i'll be fine. i'm not at all worried about a bad trip. i'll be taking like 10,000-15,000mg of vitamine C with it so this should be one hell of a night.

    i'll keep ya all updated as soon as i can get back to the puter later tonight.
  6. Have fun on your trip! When you get back tell me what kind of tomato sauce I'm supposed to be using for the heart attack in a bowl. I forgot!

    IndianaToker...well, well, finally came back! Where's your "I'm Back...and this is why I've been gone!" thread??? If you don't have one yet, you better come up with an excuse because you were missed, dude! ;)
  7. I'm gonna try acid for the first time this weekend coincidentally, I'm going with one hit tho :)

    (10?! that's fucking crazy!)

    Have fun man
  8. I'm jealous! I've been wanting to trip lately but I can't find anything around here right now. Some shrooms are supposed to be around soon and I plan on getting some but I want some acid. I took 7 hits my very first time and I tripped hard but it was a good trip so I don't regret it. Most of my trips have been good for the most part.

    You guy's have a blast!!!!
  9. nice man, cant wait till u get on, u should be going [​IMG] times

    theres always DXM that will alwas make u go [​IMG] as well
  10. actually, DXM does nothing whatsoever to the lining of your stomach.. and i dare you to try and prove me wrong.

    have fun cottons.. coincidentally, ill be trying LSA tonight.. should be fun times for both of us :hippie:
  11. ok... lastnight was just plain intense.

    i made a lot of mistakes though.

    mistake #1: i've had a bit of stress lately in my life, which surfaced during the trip.
    mistake #2: i was in a house i've never been in before.
    mistake #3: i was around people i usually don't hang around with.
    mistake #4: i was watching this movie that wasn't really something you should watch on that much acid.

    it took every bit of control i had to keep from having a really bad trip. due to the stress resurfacing i had a bit of an anxiety attack... but nothing major. just got really nervous and confused... so i called some people and made it back to somewhere i felt comfortable. from then on i had a pretty decent trip though.

    stylez... acid is really fun, and i'd recommend it to most people. you just have to be very careful about when you do it and where you are when you do it.

    the people who i was with at first kept bugging me out all night. all i heard was "he's gonna freak out..." and things of the sort. so naturally i did get nervous, and it ruined most of my night.

    RMJL... for the mac and cheese you use 1lb of pathmark whole peeled tomatoes (in a can). take them out (keeping the juice), chop them into however big you want 'em, and add the tomatoes and juice with the cheese and milk.

  12. Dxm authority at work.

  13. scare toons i think it's called... or something like that. i'll find out exactly what it's called tomorrow. it's a really twisted movie that's designed especially for people who are tripping face... this movie blows Pink Floyde's The Wall out of the water as far as wacked out shit is concerned.

    we sat there for a good half hour just trying to figure out if it was really a movie or not... then it just got too intense and i had to stop watching it.

  14. the movie's called Terror Toons :D
  15. Yo i hate doing any kind of drug around people i dont normally chill with and what dicks those kids you did acid with for trying to make you get all scared. I was shroomin once and my friend just comes up to me in the middle of the peak and says yo your gonna have a heart attack and for like a good hour all i thought was checking my pulse. Oh yeah i told all my friends to leave my house during that part of the night, there was like 12 of them over too. we still laugh at that story all the time and its been at least 2 years. peace.

  16. ditto....
  17. I was gonna trip acid for my first time on Thursday. It just figures that it was way too cold to go camping. So, it'll be a little longer before I get to experiance my first trip. I had tried to get some shrooms, but they're a rare occurance around here. Damn.
  18. I did 2 hits of acid once and almost passed out! 10 would probably kill me. I must be sensitive to it or something.:)

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