Everyone that I know who smokes, seems to know family that do..?

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    Sorry for the weird question but this question has been bugging me for ages...

    I wondering that if a childs parents used to, or do smoke weed, would that be a large factor in deciding whether or not that child smokes weed in the future.

    My reason for answering this question is that I've found that A LOT of my friends who smoke weed, normally have at least a few family members who have aswell. Is this normal everywhere else? Oh and what other main factors do you think there are? Culture, laws, enviroment?

    I'm thinking deep. :smoke:
  2. The answer to that, is that most parents have lived in the 60's. It's like walking thru a road of 10 years, and it's all foggy. And fog looks like a big fart thru the senses, wierdly enough ..

    My parents doesn't smoke. Never actually smoked before. But im russain anyways. In Soviet russia, smoke smokes you :confused:
  3. A lot of people in my family smoke or use to.

    Most of my cousins, my uncle and aunt, sister, mom, dad.
    There's probably more than that, but that's just the family I'm close to.

    My mom actually made the statement to me yesterday: "It's not surprising you like it[marijuana], see as who your parents are."

    I got a good laugh out of it, but it's true I guess. Before I had started smoking and before I had any knowledge of what a wonderful plant the Cannabis plant is, I can remember coming home from school and smelling it where my mom had been smoking. Years later when I started it myself, the smell was so familiar, calming almost.

    I'm an adult now, and I've smoked with my Mom before. It was really a huge weight off of my shoulders to do it. It made me feel such a stronger bond(we've had a rocky past) and has allowed me to be completely open with her. Whether it's how things are going in my life, my drug usage, or whatever else.

    Though, I do remember at first when she had found out I was smoking how hard she was on me about it, but just because of the way my dad's life turned out because of drug abuse/addiction. Once she realized that I wasn't destined for the same path and that I had a good head on my shoulders she was cool with it.
  4. Haha yeah thats probably why it's a reoccuring pattern. But I think theres more emphasis on the 80's over here, and how because of the Skinheads, mods, and casuals, cannabis is a drug most parents have tried. I wasn't alive then but this is my guess :)
  5. My parents didn't toke and nobody in the rest of my family did either - all very anti-drugs. I didn't get into weed myself until I was about 30.

  6. I honestly thought I was the first person in our family to try weed. Turns out my mom used to toke, but I didn't learn that until after I told her I was smoking and she was OK with it.
  7. yeah trust i found that happens alot man. I reckon people should be more honest with their family so you can all just get baked :smoke:

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