everyone should look at this

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeDog21, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. watch this show, it will change your life

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  2. o yea itd called BERSERK

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  3. where the f can i watch it?
  4. i dont like japanamation.
  5. how will it change my life??? could it buy me a new car please....:D

    give a lil info about it to spark my intrests.... :)
  6. with such an ava ? ....

    japanimation is a very subtle art form.

    if one does not know the grafical codes, or the sound codes, one can only appreciate the first degree of the story and maybe the first and second degree of storytelling, but one will not get the infinit complexity of messages present in japanimation.
  7. no don't.

    tell us rather how it has changed /yor/ life.
  8. looks decent...more info as said would be nice:) I've always liked japanimation
  9. the main character GUTTS has been through so much shit and always manages to get through it tho he carries the scars from it. he was born from a dead women that was hung and was brought up in warfare in a medival town called Midland. he is a killing machine with a sword twice his size.
    it has taught me that no matter how tough life gets u can always get thought it with strength and perserverence.
    u can probally find it on dvd at ur local blockbuster or try and dl the japenese dialouge versions off kazza.
    even if ur not a fan of anime ( not japanamation), u will appriciate the storyline. besides, american media sucks compared to the moral learnings of most anime.

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