everyone should have the same purpose b/c everyone suffers the same fate.......agree?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by potblower, May 24, 2010.

  1. does that make sense ?
  2. Life is about finding your own purpose. Having purpose imposed upon you is akin to slavery.
  3. I suppose if you think death is the final death, then yes. We all do infact have the same grand purpose, but it's not achieved in just one life, so we do not all have the same "fate" in our lives other than when the elements of the body quit working in harmony and the spiritual transition occurs.
  4. Yes, it makes sense.......but only until you realize that "the same fate" that everyone is suffering is in fact a life with no inherent purpose.
  5. Right now I don't notice my flesh rotting, I don't have insurmountable crises, and I don't feel emotionally misshapen.

    So my purpose is to extract as much quality out of this life as possible. Some people don't think that way though, much like how I don't think like others.

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