****everyone please check this out and support this movement in houston.

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  1. 97.9 the box is killing houston music and not staying true to our own culture. I'm tired of it and DJ Screw and every texas legend deserves more than this .

    ***THANK YOU***

    The local station in Houston, Texas is singlehandedly killing Screwston.
    1. They threatened and tried to sell out Pimp C, shortly before his death (R.I.P.)
    2. They banned Trae tha Truth
    3. During this ban, they fired the Kracker Nuttz, fired DJ Brandi Garcia, suspended DJ GT, suspended DJ Baby Jae, suspended DJ Michael “5000” Watts
    4. On November 16, they rejected any Hispanic Rappers from performing at the Los Magnificos Car Show. When asked to comment on the situation, Terri Thomas emailed “Hello! We have no comment. Have a great day!”
    5. No rapper is able to speak against the corporate radio station in fears of not getting their records played
    6. They banned K-Rino
    7. In April 2010, local Houston radio station KBXX 97.9 the Box announced an “I Am King T.I. Party”, three years after the death of Pimp C, probably the most disrespectful they could've done
    8. On Big Hawk's birthday (R.I.P.), the radio station didn't mention a single word commemorating his life and music. On Lil Wayne's birthday, they dedicated an entire day playing Wayne and Young Money all day long. How could they dare disrespect Hawk's life like that. He came to their show and did an interview for them before his death!
    9. They rarely support local artists and Houston rappers (that are majority independent)

    KBXX 97.9 the Box is slowly and quietly killing Screwston | Facebook
  2. don't care. radio is dead.

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