Everyone please blaze a bowl for my headies connect..

Discussion in 'General' started by legalizebud89, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. http://www.wdbj7.com/Global/story.asp?s=6900152

    One of my long time buddies, got his mom's house in a small town near mine raided, and took all his plants and lighting systems. At the time he wasn't there so his step-dad took the blame for the whole wrap. The link doesn't give shit for a story but I guess there really isn't one to tell, ya know?

    And you might call him stupid for growing on his parents property but it was legitimate because of all the land they owned. Also, it wasn't a shock to the rents hearing about the plants.

    I dont know, this whole situation sucks. I was getting zips of dank from him for around $230. So now, no headies but at the same time, that was one of my good friends getting fucked over.


  2. Damn nukka that sucks, that is why you gotta have 2 or 3 peeps to get headie zips for 200 :D
  3. that's why if you grow, don't tell anyone.
    no will find out if you don't tell anyone.

    sucks a lot for your friend.

  4. I know that's what I'm sayin' man. But I live in a pretty small city so I mean, I can still get dank, but for prices that aren't worth paying for weed if you know what I mean. Like all these kids thinking their baller cause they copped a heady connect and the only reason their making money is because their rich friends have all the money to spend and no one else to buy weed from. Dudes talking like 350 a zip for some dank. I just laugh, that might be a legit price for some people but I don't have the dough to spend for that kind of nugs.
  5. I didn't even know he was growing, he always told us he knew a guy and that was enough for me, ya know? I'm not trying to get into the game like that, and I'm not asking questions at 230 a zip for dank.

    So it was more complex than that, probably a distant neighbor noticed something sketchy and decided to take a look one day, who knows.
  6. Meh, we have it so easy here with pot, you have to look for shwag, granted not all of it is super dank, but still. Here, 330 is decent for a zip I know kids who get them for up to 380 which is insane cuz an 1/8 is 50. I guess in the end the people that are willing to pay more will find the people who charge more = \.
  7. hes gone, take his place, thats how you gotta think playa
    grow yo own dope and be legit about it, be smooth and you'll be the ***** who's sellin cheap zips

    Please DO NOT REFERENCE DEALING IN ANY WAY. thank you, - Bliz

  8. Yeah see I mean I have mids on lock, who doesn't? 330 is a little steep but I'd pay it considering this thread. I wouldn't pay a cent more than 340 for an ounce of some good shit too. It's just not worth it to me ya know? If you think about it 350 a zip comes down to 43 bucks an 8th and if you have an ounce of dank for personal you might want to throw an 8 at a friend to make a lil' but at 43 bucks theres not much money to be made back. NO MORE dealing insinuations. You all have been warned - Bliz

    And I'm not comparing to pushing headies, cause I know a dude who doesn't fuck with anything under a quap but pushes a quap of headies for like 1100-1300 depending on how much he get's. And that's totally legit for me cause that's around 300 an ounce I think? But then again I don't have the dough for all that unless I get people to throw down cause he won't front shit. Not even mids, smart man I guess.

  9. Seriously, stop making references to dealing. anyone in this thread who DID, this is your final warning. its in the rules. stated pretty clearly.
  10. if i was him i wouldnt let my step dad take the rap for that, he needs to be a man and step up to his responsibilty.

    if he is seriously considering just letting somebody else, let alone his own step father, take a felony charge for him, he should really just go live on a mountain somewhere and never talk to anyone else again.
  11. this is the first time iv heard quap. im guessing its a 1/4 pound?

    :edit: ^true man. he needs to step up.

  12. Yep, quap or qp
  13. dammn that really sucks then
    tip for next time, only go out at like 2-6am, so no one will see you

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