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Discussion in 'General' started by stoned_soldier, Dec 23, 2005.

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  1. I am getting annoyed with the number of grammar mistakes by most posters. It wastes my time even when I know what it is that they mean. For the sake of other readers and posters though, would everyone pleeeeeease with sugar on top read and reread their posts so that they do not contain any elementary mistakes? I am talking about the following words and many more.

    it\'s = it is (e.g. It\'s stupid to do that.)
    its = possessive (e.g. Its collar was taken off before the dogfight.)

    who\'s = who is (e.g. Who\'s to blame for spelling errors?)
    whose = possessive (e.g. Whose pot is this?)

    you\'re = you are (e.g. You\'re dumb, dude.)
    your = possessive (e.g. Your herb is amazing.)
    yours = possessive (e.g. - Whose pot is this? - It\'s yours, man.)

    lose = to not have possession of somthing anymore
    loose = something that is not tight
    same with loser & looser

    Now, I\'m not saying sticky this, but some people make such dumb errors like this that it\'s leading me to believe that a lot of people here are not even 10 years old yet or need to redo elementary school. I don\'t want to point anyone out because really it would be hard to do that since lots and lots of people are guilty of this. A grammar test should be mandatory for internet users even if they use slang afterwords, just to show that they even know some grammar.
  2. ill type how ever the fuck i want.
  3. it is a forum ... not an english class bro... lighten up man. we all dont have a masters degree in english like u appear to have.
  4. Ok I am talking for myself here, but I\'m sure a lot of ppl here will agree.

    No offense man, but this is a forum of free speech. I am not in an English class where I have to write in a specific way. I am fully capable of writting in well-phrased sentences in proper syntax, but this isn\'t grammar class. I come here to share my thoughts. People can read your and your and pick up what the person means despite if being \"bad grammar\".

    In my breif time here, I have witnessed people make tons of grammatical errors. However, I fully understood them and was able to respond accordingly.

    Also, please don\'t assume that because we type a certain way that we are uneducated. I find that this is a sterotype perpetuated by movies that show stoners as the dumb one of the bunch. I was so surprised to find out that my best friend (who currently attends Yale) is an avid toker. He also talks in a manner that would lead you to believe he was slightly uneducated; however, when the time comes around where he needs to use proper grammar, he is a walking dictionary with perfect syntax.

    So in short, I realize you are venerable here by your amount of posts etc, but I have to agree with how the prior poster put it, bluntly:

    ill type howeva da fuck I want got dayumit ;)

    By the way, by posting such criticism, you appear to be one of those educated derelicts who seek to belittle others in order to appear/feel more astute.

    Ok fuc dis gramma shit im off fo\' christmas break biznitch
  5. only reason i dont add punctuation etc. is because 1)i dont give a fuck and 2) im lazy and those are extra keys to add. also im usually drunk and/or blazed when typing and at those points im not going to be giving a damn how i spell and type anything, sorry if stuff like that pisses you off but get used to it
  6. Even though I usually try my best to remain as correct as possible in my grammar and spelling, it ain\'t a big deal

    If you can be somewhat coherent then I don\'t see an issue.
  7. Who gives a shit? 99% of the time I can get the point of what they are saying. Different people speak different ways man....
  8. I totally agree with you, stoned_soldier. Grammar mistakes really grate on my nerves. I try not to say anything about it too often, though. Unless the poster in question is totally unintelligible.
  9. i had to stop reading stoned soldiers bull shit thread when i got half ways.
    I hate when people try to correct other ppls post becuase the made mistakes or the just cant spell.
    Who gives a shit. most of us are high and really dont care what we are typing. maybe you should become a teacher and grade students homework if you feel this way and teach them the right way to spell.
    get a life!
  10. Hey you guys, chill. He didn\'t insult anyone. There\'s no need to be so harsh towards him.
  11. i get a little annoyed when people use derogatory language, but i can\'t say i really have a problem with spelling or grammar - when it\'s particularly bad, like getting words completely mixed up, people usually chime in with \"it\'s avatar, not aviator!\" and that gets the confusing stuff taken care of. if you can work out what they mean, it\'s not usually worth mentioning
  12. Ok--a few things.

    1) lots. This is informal and should not be used in formal writing. While it suffices in the vernacular, it is not syntactically corrent when written. \"A lot\" is to be used in its place.
    2). Since. You do not say \"since a lot of people are guilty of this\" because this would refer to a sense of time. For example, \"She has lived with him since the Great Depression.\" In this instance, you should say \"as a lot of people are guilty of this.\"
    3) \"A grammar test should be mandatory for internet users even if they use slang afterwords, just to show that they even know some grammar.\" The comma there is not nessecary as the proceeding phrase does not act as an appositive. \"In order to\" should be used as a preopositional phrase connecting the two ideas.

    P S Sorry im bored and i wanted to see if ud have any mistakes yerself. Im sure u knew all these things. My point is no1 types pefectly all the time less it\'s a paper or somethin\'.

    Toke on
  13. eh, ill stay with my fucked up english thank you.
  14. ill try to watch my grammar.


  15. I do not like shortcut words... ne1, u, ur, 2, it\'s like jamming a pencil into my eye! But on the reverse my spelling can be horrifying at times, and I try to edit my posts when I notice what I\'ve done. I also try to watch my grammar, but then I get high. :smoke:
  16. It doesn\'t matter dude, I try to use propper grammar as much as I can, but there is too much typing. I don\'t need another english teacher, I\'ve already had enough of those. And plus, this is a fucking pot head forum, most of us are probably stoned when we log on.
  17. you know, english is not some peoples first language on here...
  18. i is good at da englis its not good to be bad at grammor learnas ur english stoiopids
  19. Rep +, stoned_soldier!! Grammar mistakes really get on my nerves. Actually, it\'s not the grammar usage so much as the homophone abuse--especially the \"your vs you\'re\" problem. Thanks for addressing this.
  20. Much thanks to the person who gave me neg rep \"for giving stupid plus rep\" and didn\'t have the balls to leave their name!!
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