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Discussion in 'General' started by ko88, May 16, 2006.

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  1. So i found this site that at first i didnt think was legit...but then my buddy proved me wrong. you get paid from this site for doing surveys and registering to websites. of course you can go further with it for better cash. at first it doesnt look like alot of money but it adds up so quick! so far im at $24 and many more offers pending in about 3 days, 1 hour or so each night. if you wanna check it out:

    google toolbar with autofill helps alot with the surveys:D
  2. yes the link that the asshole above posted also works fine, its just that i get credit for telling u peeps about it.
  3. this says scam all over it
  4. Wow, is this allowed?
  5. hoast why did you have to be a fag for...its just a reference number that help him make a lil more money when you make some money.....i hate dickheads

    Watch the name calling. You may hate dickheads but it\'s the rule breakers that don\'t last long around here!*RMJL[/COLOR]
  6. lol nice u got him.
  7. wow i just realized what he did.... what a dick thing!:mad:
  8. i dont see how Hoast is a dick :confused:

    anyone with ANY type of internet skills knows what this is....ands its not like anyone cant remove the five numbers at the end....IMO signing up to a forum and spamming is a dick thing to do.
  9. yo dude this guy is fo real, i made like 33 bucks off TT already
  10. im just letting people know whats out there, because some are interested and some are ignorant like you.

    Disrespect will get you banned quicker than the spam. *RMJL[/COLOR]
  11. you know how they say ignorance is bliss ;)

  12. yeah i also use treasure trooper...made easy 40 bucks for bud :hello: :smoking:
  13. Um maybe because he\'s coming into our community spamming his referall so he gets more money?

    If we wanted to make money, we probably wouldn\'t seek info from some idiot spamming the boards. Plus, if you search, theres alot of posts here about treasuretrooper.

    So, fuck off please.

  14. Go fuck yourself. All you\'ve done is spam this board.
  15. Is this dude creating multiple accounts to promote this shit? Maybe not, but you never know.

  16. thanks for assuming...but i have already got 3 referals from this site
  17. You have only four posts. You obviously joined just to post that link and you have no right to be calling anyone an asshole
  18. im sorry, didnt know that you needed a certain amount of posts to use profound words
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