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    Everyone is an individual. Everyone is human, which means we will all die someday. There are like 7 billion people on this earth and all 7 billion people have their own lives. It's crazy. I'm just spilling my thoughts here.

    Every person perceives the world through there own set of eyes, and as homo sapians (the smartest things on earth) we live life how we do it.

    Everyone lives their own life. The only person you truely know is you. You know everything about yourself, Are you ashamed?

    Living life is awesome.life is awesome . The fact that I am hear, living off nutrients I eat is amazing. Love is also amazing. The feelings I share with my girlfriend are so strong and us humans take for granted what we have.

    But where am I headed? These 19 years of life are starting to form who I am. There is so much in front of me to expect and I hav no idea what to expect. Can I picture where I'll be when I'm 75? No way, but hopefully I live that long and if I am I will have to be doing something. What will it be?

    so many lives in my life, and I don't know what to do.

    I plan on having a family which will pas down generations to generations. I can't wait to see me kids. They will be so adorable. They will be mine, but only when the time comes. Will I travel with my family? Where will life take me.

    There are so many routes I could take. So many possibilities can happen in my life that will affect it. Back in high school I never thought about these kind of things, but now as I'm maturing, I think about this a lot. I only have one life to live here on earth. How should I live it?

    It's crazy how so many people choose to throw their life away. Me? I want to travel. As a christian, I want to see (what I believe) God made. I want to see every part of the world. Too bad because the world has evolved to be money hungry and everything revolves around money.

    And think about how many people have lived before us. The first people on earth. Crazy talk. The people the lived through ww1, through the holocaust, and anything else that has happened in the past.

    Us humans all share this earth. Why not be friendly with each other and accept everyone for who we are? We are the human race and I am just rambling on and on about these topics. I don't know where to stop. These are the thoughts that cycle through my head ON A DAILY BASIS. Yes, all of it

    Everyone with a name on this site has their own life. Isn't that crazy? So many lives in this world. Theres so many things wrong in this world.

    Why are we here? I ask this to myself sometimes. When it comes down to the gist of it, money is pointless. Isn't the goal in life to have the best life ever? Livingufe with no regrets? Can one do that? Going back, the only person that knows urself is YOU. everyone has their own identity and thoughts and there is so many people on this earth. So many thoughts and lives. Some better off then others. I could be a starving child in Africa, but no, I'm a middle class white boy in the USA.

    I blend in. Everyone blends in. This world is crazy, and I want to contribute to it. I want to do good in my lifetime. I want to be able to look at myself from heaven and say "I lived a good life" but what can I do

    What can anyone do

    We need to be a team to be syccessful. The earth army
  2. relax, smoke weed and live your life
  3. [quote name='"steezyDAT"']relax, smoke weed and live your life[/quote]
    I'm not saying its a bad thing, I'm just saying what's been on my mind recently. Life is crazy and I want what's best for me and humanity
  4. At least you still have an optimistic view of life. I've lost that years ago.
  5. [quote name='"Happy Times"']At least you still have an optimistic view of life. I've lost that years ago.[/quote]

    That's a shame man
  6. I made this thread longgg
  7. I thought more people would respond to this in depth look of life

  8. I would guess it's because it's a stoner forum and most would pass on reading these long posts.
  9. [quote name='"Happy Times"']

    I would guess it's because it's a stoner forum and most would pass on reading these long posts.[/quote]

    True, its not crazy long though haha

  10. I actually managed to read this one. Most long posts I click on I just pass on it right then if I see it's real long. I admit I don't even give them a chance. If I'm baked I don't like reading. I usually forget what I read just a few paragraphs down. I get bad short term memory when high.
  11. It is when your stoned.
  12. I feel lots of good vibes from your post op :hippie:

    I think about that exact stuff all the time
  13. [quote name='"Danonymous"']I feel lots of good vibes from your post op :hippie:

    I think about that exact stuff all the time[/quote]

    Good :)
  14. some people see the cup as half empty some see it as half full. i just drink that shit and say fuck it.

  15. like no bullshit, this is some communist shit right here. a world where everyone is happy and greed doesnt rule us. id highly suggest doing some reading i feel based on what you said right here you will find its quite better than our current system. because man i feel you on traveling and living in different countries and learning about different cultures but in our current system you have to be pretty wealthy to do so.
  16. this guy knows his shit.

  17. Fixed
  18. are siamese twins individuals?
  19. [quote name='"buttpaste"']are siamese twins individuals?[/quote]

  20. if we lived together, like some animal pacts do, eventually a divide will form and factions will start to be formed. a dozen, even hundreds, sometimes thousands of people share a same ideology, be it peace or war. but eventually someone has a different idea and the divide begins.

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