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Everyone is afraid of me

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Gweneth22, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Even when I don't do anything wrong I sense people are afraid of me. Or want to bully me for being different. I don't know what to do but revert to being silent and letting them because i'd want them to learn that it's wrong on their own/ I don't want/have the energy to tell that many people that come into contact with me every day all the time. I make myself more human only to get hurt because Im not doing it right and I make mistakes, so i'll just be who I am and work with plants and smoke weed all the time. but it gets kinda lonely in a way that looks for someone else like me or atleast has the capacity to understand me and treat me nice, even though im the one who wants to treat her nice

  2. Sorry to hear that buddy, be yourself and someone will come along you loves you just the way you are.
  3. Learning to be alone and not be lonely takes a long time.  Learn to love yourself first and then worry about a relationship.  Wish you the best in your endeavors.
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    I feel like I get messed with so much for imaginary reasons people come up with  that I can't ever have a good relationship with anyone because ill place them as one of the same and I wont know if they have all been treating me like that because there is really something wrong with me, or theres something wrong with me for thinking that they all think that. I know certain people have picked on me for no reason and I think it all stems from the negativity they saw in their lifes and needed to get it out, its hard for me when they place themelves in my lifes telling my friends im a terrible person changing their views of me when all I want to do is be with someone who doesn't think less of me for imaginary reasons.
    and know how I feel and know that it's ok
  5. Why do you say people are afraid of you?  Why do people say you are a terrible person? I understand what you are saying to a point. I have had the same thoughts. Society requires that I act a certain way in order to get along with my fellow man. Then I get frustrated because I cannot be myself. I used to be the only whiteboy in a warehouse filled with mexicans from mexico that did not speak english. Once a year, they would all wear mexico T-shirts and bring portable radios with them to work. They would listen to the world cup on the radio and if mexico scored a goal, all the mexicans would start screaming "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAALL!!!!!!!!!"" all throughout the warehouse. I felt like such an outsider. I never felt like more of a minorinty in my life. And this is America!!! Frustrating.
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    I say people are afraid of me because I can't hide my facial expressions, and my first thought when they turn away because I twitched or had an offbeat body language signal like a dragging foot or tense hands is that they are afraid of me and need to leave me alone, only furthering to what seems to me an abyssal black hole into oblivion that I think could only be shaken by a goddess in human forme

    people say im a terrible person because I don't communicate with human beings the normal way and(my thoughts are that since I act differently with the way I talk/treat people they get offended im not like everyone else and run their mouths about how im a creep/yada yada yada. I find that peoples slurs that they use when talking about me is generally an indicator they feel about themselves and I sometimes have to shake myself after being immersed in this toxic sludge of human waste back into positive recognition of myself and it takes a lot after people have shown me their fears and for me to go back and forth seeing the world through their eyes and what supposed to be my happy life is nearly fatal, theres a battle going on inside my mind to kill them or to kill me, and the most powerful voice within doesn't want to kill anyone it just wants to know how
    I feel like people are nice to me only so they can be even meaner to me later for their own selfish personal gain
    I feel like the change from positive to negative is somehow of use to people with a lesser mind and the greater the change the more value they take in hurting me, its hard for me to know who is who when dealing with a complex that has both positive and negative emotions rolled into one and the ability to feel 2 things at once is sometimes overwhelming to people that I try to explain and get to understand, it sometimes if ever has worked

  7. are you a gentle giant?
  8. You dont understand yourself yet.  Quit judging yourself and others and you will find that others are not judging you as much as you think.
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    just remember that everyone has their issues, it's just the amount they show it that's different. on the outside, i'm a fairly normal white kid in glasses that smokes weed and hangs out with my friends. yet if you really get to know me, you'd know that i'm a complete history nerd and film geek who's pretty socially awkward. same goes for everyone else. that confident-looking muscular guy you see striding around everywhere? he might cry every night because he misses his ex. that the thin blonde bombshell you see catching every guy's eye? shemight be angry that she never gets taken seriously.
    also, surround yourself with similar people and you'll feel better. in high school i didn't have a persistent group of friends because i didn't "gel" with anyone. now in college i found a group of dudes that i know will always have my back, and i've never been happier. 
  10. Just Be yourself and keep pushing along. You'll find the group of friends and lover who you belong with. 
    Give love to get love. 
  11. well first of all, your self esteem is really low. have you always been like this or did something induce it? sometimes you have to remind yourself that you're a good person and to stop caring so much about what other people think. start to practice not caring about what other people think. in reality, people probably care more about what you think of them than what they think of you. do something you love, excel at it, and a nice life and some good company will fall into place.
  12. LISTEN
    you have to know yourself and create your own reality, do you understand that for the rest of your life people will judge you, but you have to get over it and just do what you want consciously and for yourself, If someone says something to you because your different and it's true embrace that shit, but If it doesn't make sense or fit in with your true self that just say "fuck that" and dont even bother with them, there are alot of idiots in this world that will try to fuck with your head because their life is shitty, but just stay positive and do whatever you want dont turn into a selfish asshole, but just follow your heart.
  13. I know exactly what you mean, people are afraid of me too
    Supposedly that I look like a serial killer, a psychopath, a fag, grumpy, too antisocial, talk too much, I'm too creepy, too silent, too loud, act like a handicaped, etc.
    You know what I did? I stopped giving a fuck. (and magically, I wasn't a virgin anymore)

    And I haven't read EVERYTHING you wrote, but judging by all your paragraphs, you tend to OVERTHINK too much, so stop giving a fuck and have fun. Someone doesn't like you? Laugh about it, there's 7 billion people on this planet so it's not your fault if you run into a retard once in a while. You don't have to like them either, why would their opinion be more valid than yours?
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    You have to move from a "I'm sorry, It's not my fault, it's just that I thought that you thought that I thought that maybe there's something wrong that makes..." mindset
    to a
    "What the fuck is the problem? I have fun stuff to do, quit wasting my time" mindset (without having a too negative attitude)
    And all of a sudden, people won't think you're creepy, they'll think you're mysterious and will want to know more about you
  15. Kay, you dont want people to judge you, but I've just been reading some of your posts in another thread where you were judging the gay community in the most horrible way. Treat others how you would want to be treated and don't be such an asshole, people might be nicer to you then
  16. I want to help you OP, but I'm afraid my devolved, inferior brain can't quite come up with something to say.

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