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  1. That you just can't stomach. Every time I eat eggs, I feel sick as shit, all because I fucked up cooking eggs one day. I may just be high, does anyone else just have foods you just can't stomach?
  2. none that i have tried...

    fermented shark sounds pretty fucking gross though

    Hákarl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    doesnt that just make you fuckin hungry?
  3. yeah but i usually put on my big boy pants and eat them anyway
  4. Or you could just take off your "big boy pants" and put on some sweatpants, smoke a bowl and eat what you want. Geez
  5. got that weak type stomach
    not me shorty
  6. I can usually eat whatever anymore but if something is pickled, I can't deal with it. Well that and testicels...

  7. I hate eggs too. Always have since I was a kid. I've had them every which way but never liked them. I love hard boiled eggs tho haha.
    That's about it.
  8. Any kind of meat... weather it be a fishy or a chicken or a piece of a cow or a pig... its just not happening

    even the smell from some of them is enough to make me throw up... haha :p but i guess thats just me
  9. I use to gag at the sight of sautéd chicken feet but when I went to this dimsum restaurant, I loved the smell and tried it. Needless to say, my stomach is growling in thought of this.
  10. [quote name='"2AmToke"']

    Or you could just take off your "big boy pants" and put on some sweatpants, smoke a bowl and eat what you want. Geez[/quote]

    Bwahahahhahahahahhahahaha. God im high
  11. *whether

    Haha sorry had to be a spell cop
    Anyway I love meat and venison is the best. If you hate real meat, you might love this restaurant that serves pure vegetables, grains and fruit and turns them into food resembling/smelling like meat. It's loved by all the vegans out here.
  12. I can't even stand to look or smell beer battered fish. I used to like it but got sick one day and haven't been able to eat it yet.

    I know exactly what you're talking about OP. I would hate it if I could eat eggs too. Eggs are delicious.
  13. Pickled egg is the only food that I can't stomach the taste or smell of. I smelled it one time at some formal, authentic chinese 4th of July party, and one bite had me straight gagging. Besides that, there isn't anything I've found that has made me want to puke. Even if I don't like a food, nothing is bad enough to make me want to puke.
  14. French bread pizza. I fucked up one time and didnt cook it long enough and gave both my sister and I food poisioning. We both cant even look at them anymore without feeling sick. Used to be our favorite food too :(
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    Almost sounds like that dish "lutefisk" it's also fermented and cured seafood, it also originates from Scandinavia like the dish you posted. The thought makes me want to vomit lol. Lutefisk always makes me think of that king of the hill episode where bobby eats a whole tray and burns down the church. Ew can you imagine pooping out cured fish? *pukes*
  16. Anything my girl tries to make.. Girl is a terrible cook
  17. :laughing:
  18. You on a tuna struggle and I am eating like the Mob/Mafia Lobsters and Steaks kind of shit that will rock your world.
  19. I tell her that too hah.. Shell ask me "it good baby?".. "no tastes like shit.. Idek what it is"

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