everyone does it even your parents!

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  1. ok what did you guys do when you found out your parents smoke? do they know you know they smoke? have you ever smoked with them? do they know you smoke? share your stories about parents and siblings.

    ok well i havent been smoking for long almost a year, but just yesterday i found out my dad smokes. i start from the beginning, i still live with my parents i just turned 18 this past may im not currently in school so im home alone everyday cuz both my parents work and my sisters are still in school. i had very small amounts of weed and some hash so i went to score some tobacco from my dad to roll a spliff, so i noticed he had a blue bag with his cigarettes i opened it up and got a face full of beautiful smell i look inside to find about 10 gs of ground bud a metal pipe a bag of scrrens some papers and a roach.(it was an amazing feeling idk why either.) i almost jumped with joy to see this because ive always wanted to smoke with my dad.(nice bonding time) so my parents dont know i know they smoke and im still not sure if they know i smoke i smoke every night right outside by my pool and ive smoked in my room. i want to smoke with my dad but i dont know how to break the ice, and im not sure if my dad would be dissapointed. i respect my parents and i would do anything for them. im not sure how long my dads been smoking ive smelled it around the house before.
    these 2 smilies are the closest way to express my feelings when i found my dads stash.-->:D:eek:

    what are your thoughts?

    i want to hear your stories too.
  2. when i was young my mom caught me, and i knew she smoked. i continued smoking and she didnt no. so that summer we moved and she asked me if i had been smoking at all, and i told her no so i wouldn't get into trouble. then after that conversation she pulls out her weed and starts to smoke with me. it was awesome. i think you should talk to you're dad when no ones around and ask him to smoke with you...it isnt like they can really do anything that bad since your 18.
  3. If he smokes and you're 18, he should have no problem with it. I always thought my girlfriend's mom's boyfriend smoked, and then one day I found out he did and we blazed togather. After that he told he my girlfriends mom (the most strict, stuck up, internally angry moms I've ever met) smoked weed. Talk about leverage :) hehe
  4. well my mom knows is smoke, and she doesnt really care as long as my step dad doesnt find out. We've talked about her smoking with me and my sister, but she is to worried about getting drug tested at work. She is a pharmacist and if she got caught, she would pretty much lose her job.

    But any way, just try to find a moment where its only you and your dad, and just say bring it up. As long as he is not the kind of person that would get pissed if other people were going through his stuff, i think you'll be fine.
  5. Neither of my parents smoke, but as for you, i bet your dad knows you smoke and just is cool with it so ask him next time ur out smoking and he goes downstairs to grab a drink or w.e.
  6. Hey man, I wish I knew if my parents smoked still or not...I wouldn't know I started smoking after I moved out. I smoked in front of my little sister, and I told her I'd love to toke up with her when she was older (not 18 yet).

    As far as bringing it up with your dad...If I knew my dad smoked and I smoked all the time...I'd probably just ask to go smoke with him, let him try some of your shit if it's dank. If you're not so direct, let him catch your filling your bong or cleaning your piece...

    Good luck bro :smoking:
  7. My dad was your classic 70's era deadhead... acid, shrooms, 9 joints a day, and the occasional line of coke.

    We have one 400W HPS and one 400W metal halide + timers + ballast in the garage... he used to grow, too.

    Oddly enough, he works at HP now. :p
  8. i smoke with my pops all the time. one day his friend was coming over and it was on speaker phone and he asked if he should bring any stuff. my dad said no my kids in town, i the said no its cool. and its been sweet since then.
  9. I have a son who isn't 18 yet, but soon will be, and I don't think I would want to smoke with him even if he did smoke. He is like his dad, he doesn't like to feel "out of control" at all, so doesn't like the feeling of say == laughing gas at the dentist, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. So I know he won't smoke weed or do drugs. BUT, let's say he said "Mom, let's smoke one." I would have to pass...I just would not want to be doing something with my child that is illegal. If it was legal...I used to smoke cigarettes, so I guess I would... I would feel weird, I think...:confused:
  10. my parents dont smoke but ive smoked with some of my friends parents. i knew them for a long time and its kind of weird to have this parental figure bust in on her daughter and her friend smoking while watching wonder years and then have her sit down and join the session.
    i one was over at my friends house and after we went hiking i was complaining about sour knees. she yells from across the yard "the only joint pain i had at your age was not having any"

    my other friends mom used to buy buds off of me a while ago. then i taught her how to cook crack and she went down hill.
  11. i always knew my dad smoked, i just recently smoked with him but it wasnt really a fun high i guess u could say cuz we had a deep, emotional, very personal talk while smoking.

    usually i smoke to escape for awhile but when i do think about my life while high and the problems i have i like to be alone fully immersed in my thoughts.

    so having a serious talk was just not something i really like to do when im high with other people unless im ready.

    it was some bomb bud though cant lie about that (Kush). when i say it wasnt fun i meant it was just kind of uncomfortable. hard to explain... but my dads a cool dude real cool, very funny and laid back real motherfucker so it was a pleasure to be able to smoke with my dad.

    something i will always remember. truest shit.
  12. When I was about 11 I found my dads pipe in the medicine cabinet, didn't know what it was either. When my dad took me to the store there was some guy riding a bike and I seen my dad give him money and never thought about it. He doesn't smoke anymore and he told me he smoked before, he knows I smoke, he told me not to get caught, and whenever he gives me money he tells me not to do drugs. ;)

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