Everyone can learn something from this man

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  1. Forgive me, I can't figure out how to make the video show up here, but I highly recommend watching this.

    edit: hey! it worked!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc4HGQHgeFE&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - LOOK AT YOURSELF AFTER WATCHING THIS.mp4[/ame]
  2. good video, a lot of respect for that guy
  3. i wonder which douche bag went to shake his hand rather then hug him, lol.

    pretty inspirational, i wonder how he tokes.
  4. i watched it twice. pretty inspirational. lotsa respect for that guy. good vid op.
  5. i watched that and laughed, what did he do in the swimming pool he has no arms or legs too swim, and how the hell did he cast a fishing rod

    btw i'am very high right now excuse me for not feeling the sympathy and inspriation i should have


  6. haha, i wondered about the pool thing too. maybe he just wiggles his body like a fish?

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