everyday you learn something new

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by lightgreenhay, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. they say everyday you learn something new, well everyday i learn how disfunctional and far off my perception is. Just started school and was hoping to fuck something but the only thing thats been fucked properly so far is my mind. :wave:
  2. Good Story.

    Dont understand it a bit.

    But congrats?:p
  3. ha...


  4. today i learned that 3/5 posts on GC are as pointless as this one
  5. Youre going in with the wrong attitude. Go in with a "I dont care if I get laid kind of attitude", the ladies will eat that up. Women hate neediness. Stop being such a wimp and suck it up. Start exercising and focus on what is actually important, which is your health and your grades. Have a good day sir.
  6. I agree. They love it when you don't give a fuck... there are exceptions though
  7. The "I don't give a fuck" thing isn't working out so well. I guess I'm doing it wrong? :confused:
  8. Yah, you legitly have to not give a fuck, that doesnt mean to be a complete asshole either. Maybe it is that you are just too ugly :p
  9. the "not give a fuck" angle can be hard for some, i for one start to care about a girl i like. not like seriously or in love but if i like them i like them and thats just the way it is. its a lot easier at parties cause im all over talkin and meetin everybody.

    Wait, i guess its actually just easier when im under the influence of something, i stop worrying about what may happen and just see what will happen now

    off topic but damn i love scotch, but this dewars white label doesnt quite hit the spot in taste for me
  10. I like that

  11. Oh I think this ones extra pointless.

    You went there trying to fuck something? How old are you..just curious.

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