Everyday Vaporizing Athletes?

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    So I'm laying here in bed, vaping and listening to music before I nod off to sleep and I'm wondering, are there any other athletes out there on the city that also follow an everyday vaping regiment? Do you have favorite strains? What vaporizers do you prefer? And how exactly do you use it to work with your life?

    I have a high tolerance for bud at this point, and vaping small amounts at select times throughout the day just helps keep my mind and body feeling fresh and happy and vitalized.

    Before I made the near-total switch from smoking to vaping, I really felt like as much as I enjoyed the bud, I could never be at my physical or mental peak as a regular user. There was always some nagging effect in my throat or my lungs, or feelings of "grogginess" or "haziness" as a lot of people describe. But I knew also that the bud made me feel really good, and helped me find myself.

    Well, now I really truly feel like vaporizing everyday is actually EXCELLING me.. it helps relax my muscles and joints and relieve inflammation, accelerating my recovery time. It keeps me happy and content, always finding beauty in the little things of everyday life. I feel in tune with my spiritual self, and my place here on the Earth, even if I don't really understand who I actually am or why I'm here. My relationships with my few close friends and family members feel stronger than ever.

    I also, though, seem to have an amplified view of the suffering in the world, especially in my mother and family. Some days I feel like I'm so bursting with love and passion and pain at the same time that I'm on the verge of explosion. Bud helps temper and direct these feelings, but never repress them.

    And, perhaps best of all, I am pushing myself through physical and mental plateaus and shattering personal records in the gym and in basketball - which has become a devotion, a spiritual endeavor that challenges me and pushes me to advance myself every day. I don't feel like my marijuana use is hindering me in ANY way anymore. And I couldn't be happier :D

    Thanks for reading, one love everybody :smoke:

    Vaping everyday is good for the soul! Benefits every aspect of my life..

    Btw, I use the Vapor Genie :)
  2. Hell yeah man! I loooove basketball. I also feel like weed helps my body, and mind. After a long day with work, and/or class, hanging out with friends, and a couple games of bball. A bowl towards the end of the night just helps me unwiiiind, and I feel so relaxed, and when I wake up the next morning, I just wanna keep at it, and try to have the best day I can. (although somedays are better than others, I still try to enjoy the simple things cuz everything counts right?)

    Annnd...I am going to try to get a vape; I've heard great things about it.
  3. no lol i find vaporizing still instills a slight haze on me 24/7until i'm sober for a while
    it doesn't hurt the lungs thats a plus, but you feel kinda dumb and not 100% mental capacity to do things
  4. Honestly man, I disagree with you on this. But it could be because I've used marijuana for years and I never vape more than like, .2-.3 grams at a time and usually spread out over like a 20-30 minute session.

    Nice to see a kindred spirit :wave:

    Do you play just recreational ball? Or like AAU/School/Intramural leagues?

    By the way, if you're looking for a vape, I can highly recommend both the Vapir One digital vaporizer and the Vapor Genie, which is an awesome portable pipe. :)
  5. I played AAU, and high school. I loved them both, and miss them. I graduated two years ago, and now I just play a lot of pick up games at my universities gym(there is some good competition there, usually) and at my hometown ymca(with the old guys haha, don't get me wrong though, some of them are really good, and know/understand the game really well. I actually pick up some things from them). I play intramural's when the season comes around with a bunch of friends/roomates. Our school's intramural's are pretty competitive(it's a larger d2 school) so it's a lot of fun.(we ended up in 4th place last year; lost in semifinal game to the eventual champions)
    Are you still in high school? Are you playing ball?

    And Thanks for the recommendations, ima check em out!

  6. I'm in college, I go to UMass Amherst. I've been busting my ass all summer in hopes of trying out for the team this fall. If not, so be it, I will play intramurals and try out next year :)

    I can't wait to get back to campus, the Rec Center there has 3 awesome full-sized indoor courts and the competition there is almost always better than here in town.

    I've always wanted to play on an AAU team, and I'm going to do everything I can to find a team next summer. If you've got any tips on how to find teams near me or get my foot in the door, I'd HUGELY appreciate it. I played all 4 years in high school too; I've loved the game as long as I can remember but I've been playing organized ball since 4th grade, those rec days were the shit!

    I also play as much pickup as I possibly can; I like playing with the older guys too at the Y, much more team-oriented actual basketball instead of dealing with the hero complexes of the other young guys. When I'm just too fast or athletic for them though.. sometimes it feels a tad bit easy. :p

    I play literally everyday.. if I don't get hours of playing time as practice, I make 500 jumpers by myself. Often, I still make hundreds of shots in addition to daily games and workouts. Everyday is just another competition against myself!
  7. Yeah, it sounds like you really love the game. That's awesome. As for the AAU thing, you could look online and check the local aau teams around your area.(depending on how far you're willing to travel, there will be more team options) or you can just ask around with the other dudes you play basketball with. They might know. Word of mouth. Try out listings at local gyms maybe? I'm not really sure, but if you really want to find a team, I'm sure you can do it. Good luck.
  8. I'm not an athlete but I vape everyday and I too use a vaporgenie hahaha :p
  9. i have a vaporgenie but i never use it because i find its too much a hassle to control the flame for a good hit, when i can just chill and smoke a bowl or bong. Im going to buy the pax though its so convienent that i think i can sell all my old spare pieces and mostly convert to vaping just keep my bong and 1 big pipe for special occasions :D
  10. dunno if I'm an "athlete," but i'm in pretty good shape--eat healthy, gym 3-4 days a week, biking whenever i have free time... and vaping every day.

    i know with biking, i would get short of breath a lot. switched to vaping, breathing's perfect. i use da buddha.

    i'm not in a medical state, so i can't really choose strains... but i can say i prefer indica for my long bike cruises. sativa is nice too, but usually it just makes me kinda space out and not really pay attention at all to the scenery. whereas with indica strains, i seem to pay extra attention to the environment which makes it a really enjoyable experience.
  11. I use a vapor genie because I love getting high at my house and it was only $30 at a reggae festival. I love it and all but my friend got the Da Vinci (cause I told him to) and it gets me so damn high. I got a job recently so it's next on my to buy list.
  12. That's good to hear, my life has improved a lot since i started vaping too. I also use my vape like you, vaping at certain points throughout the day. I dont really feel high as much as I just feel fucking great and at peace with everything, when i vape. But if I want to get more fucked up and stoned I hook that shit up to my bong. I highly recommend it if you dont already. It's great, vaping through the day feeling good then at night having some fat vapor rips from the bong. Im not much of an athlete but I lift weights 3x a week and run 2x a week. I'm the strongest I have ever been, have a good diet, just need to get my cardio back up.
  13. not an athlete but i vape everyday and bike about 40 miles a day. I think holding in vapor might just increase lung capacity. I dont cough anymore.
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    Now that I'm working ...... I think I might switch to vaping to have a clear mind .....

    Should I vape only on days I work or just start vaping....

    Or I might start just stop smoking ..... How long before I'm on top of my shit again after I stop smoking
  15. Done smoking...strictly vaping with the Pax.

    I, too, have been playing basketball for 12+ years and at my university the competition is so-so but not superb.

    I'm still experimenting with what vaping method works best for me and how frequently I need to hit the Pax to get my desired results.

    I use it probably 5 days a week on average and I've been a toker for 3+ years.
  16. [quote name='"Greenwall"']no lol i find vaporizing still instills a slight haze on me 24/7until i'm sober for a while
    it doesn't hurt the lungs thats a plus, but you feel kinda dumb and not 100% mental capacity to do things[/quote]

    You don't have enough omega3 in your diet. Once you have a good regiment of that it will help to lessen or prevent that effect.

    Op, if you love vaping with a genie get nice desktop and be ready to be blown away

  17. 40 miles a DAY?! That's crazy man! I usually go about 10 miles on the stationary bike and that takes me half an hour and I'm drenched from head to toe after.. 40 miles a day is just nuts. I think you might be right about holding in the vapor too.. combined with some real deep breathing routines I feel like my lungs are in great shape.

    I'm confused, how exactly do you vape THROUGH your bong? Wouldn't you be smoking at that point? :confused: Not that there's anything wrong with that..

    I find, just a tiny bit before workouts (Lifting, cardio) lets me just have fun smashing the weights or cycling like crazy. After, when I'm in relaxation mode, I like to sit down with a cold protein shake and vape for longer. I also like to put my feet up and ice my ankles/knees when I do this :)

    Not sure if you're asking me questions? IDK about vaping only on days you work.. granted, working stoned (I used to be a cashier) can be awesome, but don't you want to relax on your off days too? I know I did..

    You'll be "on top of your shit" and feel really good after only a couple days not smoking. After a few weeks you'll feel an even more dramatic difference :D

    Dude, $30 for the genie is a DEAL! I was happy paying $55 from their website.. glad you guys love it too. I went to a party the other day and brought it with me, and everyone thought it was awesome. The Da Vinci also looks badass.. kinda looks like a walkie talkie hahaha.

    I find it really interesting you prefer indica over sativa for exercise! Both types definitely increase my awareness, but sativa seems to give me a little extra zip when it comes to exercise. It really is true, everyone's affected differently..

  18. Do you mean a desktop vaporizer? I've also had a Vapir One digital vape for years but I find it tends to overheat and as fucking AWESOME as it is, it usually ends up smoking the bud if I take the temp anywhere over like.. 310 degrees Fahrenheit. It definitely gets me RIPPED though, no doubt about that. :hello:
  19. Yeah like a dbv,ssv or an eq. Those are the best 3 for the money on the market imo.
  20. [quote name='"CaliBudE"']Now that I'm working ...... I think I might switch to vaping to have a clear mind .....

    Should I vape only on days I work or just start vaping....

    Or I might start just stop smoking ..... How long before I'm on top of my shit again after I stop smoking[/quote]

    You should switch 100% to vaping I did and it's so much better I never have that fuzzy feeling the day after I get really high, the only time I ever smoke is if someone smokes. Me out

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