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Everyday blazers: Does it affect your grades?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokeUntilBroke, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I'm entering college soon, and I've been blazing everyday for the past two years. I've been thinking of taking a break to focus on studes, but I still wanna have fun and study. Anyone here have experience with MJ and their grades??
  2. Yes, my grades increased after I started smoking but I wasn't really a stoner everyday. I started smoking to relieve my anxiety, but I would only toke at the end of my night with my buddies after I was done with homework.

    Grades are more important than anything, best of luck to you.
  3. Haha thanks man, I guess I'll save it for the end of the day or learn to study high. lol
  4. Studying high is really really hard because you cannot focus on it for a long time, but one of my buddies has mastered it. We're juniors now in college and he's been smoking and studying since our sophomore year in high school and he has a 3.9 GPA as a Computer Science Engineer which is hard as hell, lol.
  5. It really comes down to if you're responsible or not and how hard you work.

    I went to a small charter school for high school and we didn't have grades, only pass/fail. So I was a little nervous to start college. I had to take a placement test sort of like the SATs and got a perfect score. 4.0 so far. The only class I didn't do well in was a college algebra class. I'm dyslexic and horrible at math. Luckily I only had to take the one math class for my degree. Physical Therapy is more science and anatomy than math.
  6. Everyone is different when it comes to school. I personally have never been able to pay attention and slept through all of highschool. I started smoking more after highschool and I did a year of college just fine. Actually did much better in english than I ever have.

    I also smoke while working now, just to keep me focused on it. I do data entry as my job, so it gets really boring :)
  7. I hate the stereotype of a dumb pothead. Truth is you absorb more knowledge when you're high than sober. I put my pot to good use I don't just sit around and eat chips.
  8. It depends on the person, personally I have a hard time studying when I'm high however when in high at work I swear I'm the fuckin flash
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    With caffeine I'm the flash. I can analyze everything so fast caffeine + weed. Idk i et I'm gonna be addicted to coffee when I'm older
  10. I think it depends on if you enjoy what your doing. If you enjoy it then getting high should just help you get into it that much more. But if not, then it will make whatever your doing just drag ass.
  11. Again that is not proven. It's just a "pot head" trying to justify his every day routine and saying marijuana doesn't affect it. Who gives a shit man, you shouldn't have to try and prove if pot makes you smarter or not lol.

    If you are a responsible person you can smoke everyday and make it through college. I did it and I have a great job working at a Power Plant making 35$ an hour and its my first year. I have a degree in applied science which covers nuclear, water,etc, anything to do with energy.

  12. Study high, take tests high, get high grades!!

  13. Helps my concentration, but it's not like that for everyone. If you have to ask you probably need to take a break.
  14. no screw that keep smoking.

    im going into my senior year in college, about to graduate as a net admin, and i have been smoking everyday since high school (7ish years).

    smoking is the least of your college worries. Its all the booze and other drugs that will make your grades slip.

    but fuck it i manage to get black out fucked up almost daily at school and i expect to graduate on time.
  15. Yeah it depends if you actually try and work hard. I smoked about everyday in my 9th grade school year. And i got all As and Bs if u just focus and get your prioritys straight then u should be fine. Think of it like hard and focus and then after all your work is finished...reward yourself with a couple bong rips..

  16. You black out every day?

    Shit, life's hard for a pimp.
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  18. Lol don't study high, trust me.

    But college is a thousand times easier than my lifetime of honors/AP classes. I couldn't believe how crazy I expected it to be. BUT this lead to me slacking off and procrastinating as well as being lazy. Smoke daily but keep your head straight.
  19. I get high on purpose for most of my classes, otherwise I feel like I'd just pick up and leave. Makes things more interesting and personally, it helps me absorb information which otherwise I wouldn't give a shit about.

    Hope this helps you in one way or another bud.

    My friends constantly complain how smoking fucks up their grades so idk..
  20. Honestly man, I don't feel that MJ has made me any more stupid just from smoking it everyday. That being said, no my grades haven't been affected one bit. What can affect it though is how you go about preparing for school. If you smoke all day everyday, skip going to class, skip studying and skip the stuff that is a necessity then yes, you will do terrible. Just don't let MJ get in the way and you can enjoy the best of both worlds :)

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