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Everyday, All Day Vs Occasionally

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MochaBearBlazed, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. i was wondering if more of grasscity fell into the daily toker or the only on the weekends/special days kinda tokers?
    personally i smoke ~4 bowls a day for the past couple of months. 

  2. Whatever I'm feeling really, I vary.
    Usually I'm either 1-3 times a day or every 2-3 days with friends.
  3. I prefer to wake and bake all day every day, but it dont always work out that way. It get expensive.
  4. Im normally a once a day at the end of the day kinda guy, but as of the last 2 weeks ive only smoked twice cuz i keep forgetting to go get money out of the bank machine
  5. Since summer I've become a daily smoker.  Now that I think about it, it's been about a month or so.  Before that I would only smoke on the weekends.
  6. You know we keep our lungs filled with that sour everyday
  7. Occasionally for me.  I can't stand being in a haze all the time, lol.
  8. I have a rotation. Night 1 bong, Night 2 edible, Night 3 Off. I feel like this keeps my tolerance low.
  9. I always smoke at least once a day, usually starting in the afternoon (not a big morning/wake&bake girl). 
    If I can round up a few friends, we'll roll something in the evening or at night. If not, I hit my bowl or bubbler.
    It kinda depends on how much weed I actually have left.
  10. I'm a 2 or 3 sessions/day guy for the summer, then much less once uni starts again in September
  11. I'd like to say somewhere in the middle. I'm high a lot of the day, but not 24/7. For me it gets old after a while. Then again somedays I do smoke close to all day long. Sometimess it's appropriate. :bongin:
  12. I usually go 1-2 a day. typically at night though
  13. I'm trying not to vape  in the daytime because I hate the munchies. I am definitely a wakenbaker. It's my favorite time. I'd be happy with myself if I could wake and bake, and then not vape again until evening. It's really hard though because I have no real reason to deny myself when I want it, other than face the munchies.
  14. I'm an everyday person. Usually twice a day.
  15. I smoked every night for about 3 years. Been starting to have negative effects on me so I quit about half a month ago
  16. Full bowl packs all day if I can afford it. When I'm running low I'll pinch hit all day until I run out.
  17. I smoke on the weekend the most but if I'm off during the week then I'll smoke on my off days.
  18. 1gram a day usually.  Smoking mostly at through out the night.  Nothing like chilling on the bed with your dog, baked, relaxed, and watching movies or tv.
  19. Used to be around 5-6 sessions a day but I stopped in the beginning of May and haven't smoked since. When I do start smoking again I'll probably try to cut it down to 1-2 sessions a day. Shit can get expensive.
  20. I went from smoking all day everyday to vaping all day everyday.  The only difference is my lungs thank me now.

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