Everybody Smoking Papers, Nobody Smoking Blunts.

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  1. Fuck wiz khalifa and his minimal usage of Marijuana rolled into a cigar!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymk7jF0zVEM]‪Wiz Khalifa ft. Chevy Woods & Neako - Reefer Party Dirty + Lyrics‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  2. what really amazes me is that you actually give two shits about this guys smoking habits
  3. i just watch this for all the weed

  4. i give two shits about this guy blowing $150 into one joint. Come on dude, some people like me work hard to provide income for my marijuana use.
  5. he's a fucking millionaire what do you expect

    don't watch the video if you are really that upset about it... :laughing:

    I smoked a half oz blunt once, are you mad at me too?
  6. Is it the new to bag on artists..it's his decision to do what he wants.

    Sure he says smoke paper not blunts, doesn't mean people gotta be zombies and follow every order.

    For some reason, I feel the haters want attention and go into detail spreading hate. Like what gives..you mad bc you don't have his lifestyle?!
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    He's rich what do you expect. If you were given that much money don't tell me you won't do the same thing cause you would,
  8. i agree papers just dont do it for me blunts r where its at
  9. I don't usually roll at all. I like glass. lol
  10. joints r for hipsters and hippies.
  11. I've been smoking papers only when wiz kahlifa put out prince of the city 2....now everybody says I only smoke papers because I'm trying to follow wiz or some bs

  12. I am a hippie. I like being a hippie.

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