Everybody Likes a First Timer!

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  1. :wave:Wutup GC peeps..

    Well I'm about 2 weeks into my first grow. I'm goin with hydro. Im gonna put up some pics from time to time cuz I know everybody likes a first grow.

    I started from seed. I soaked them til they popped them went to wool.

    We got:
    1 O.G Kush
    3 World of Seeds "Diamond Line": Obsession
    1 White Widow
    1 Cheese

    The Cheese died on me so I soaked a Super Silver and the root is looking healthy in the prop.

    I decided to use fem seeds so I could scrog (or not) later on. Definitely gonna be experimenting with supercropping and fimming, as I would like the highest yields possible.

    I picked up some technaflora nutrients. Does anybody have any experience with these? Can I switch to something else (after a flush) if I dont like my nutrients?

    Um what else.....?:rolleyes:

    I'm using floro til I can get the light setup I want, so they're stretching. :(
    I'm hoping to get a nice 400 (or 600 if it's not too much more) in the next week or 2. Til then, I guess I'll just keep the tubes as close as I can.

    Here's some pictures. How do I say something about each one? Oh well, enjoy!:D

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