everybody else is leaving...see ya

Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. yo i ain\'t got a speech like the other two, i stopped posting here a while ago, but i might as well make it official, see you guys later, most of you i don\'t even know, so see ya. :wave:
  2. Yup, peace bro, hop on the bandwagon.

    I, for one, ill stick with the city.

    (THizz Kids Don\'T Leave!!!\"
  3. Out with the old, In with the new..

    Whats the point of leaving? Do you think you are making some kind of statement?
  4. .

    Later, dude.
  5. I vote smokentoke420 next mod!

    just curious- how many people have left in the last 24 hours lol
  6. Lol that came out of no where, but thanks bro. haha, were we even talking about Mods? lol :) There\'s been like 8 people banned/leaving i think
  7. It\'s like the GrassCity Massacre. HAHA.

    ... Only without the Massacre part...

    Whatever, I\'ll have the stoned members who read that pondering about it for hours. :D
  8. someone (cottons, I think) mentioned on the R_M thread that rasta was once up for being a mod, or was going to become one. Someone has to take that imaginary place hah
  9. I myself have lost count at 4. However, I have been watching the threads like a hawk. Tonight I was going to log on and look around Rec. Marijuana Use and Seasoned Tokers, but ended up sitting here in general for one and a half hours hitting my refresh button every 20 seconds. It\'s entertaining, to say the least.
  10. ban me don\'t ban me i don\'t care mods

    but melkor suck my dick. i\'m not making a statement i havent been posting i left a while ago, check back rarely, i just figure there\'s nobody i still like here, with the exception of a few, so why not jump on the bandwagon, if you know i like you somewhat my aim is johndeere4720

    now i\'m officially officially done posting here, don\'t call me a hypocrite for coming back to post this after 5 minutes i already know it was hypocritical
  11. Ohh, hahaha. Well thanks again man. I always wanted to be a mod for a forum that really mattered. I wish i could mod here :(
  12. Yeah I\'m with you on that,I really like this guy,I just can\'t stand his thizz and die concept(yeah I brought it up,wat ya gonna do).

    SmokenToke420 08 :D
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