Everybody boycotting chick fil a is stupid

Discussion in 'General' started by Purp Skurp, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. Theyve been open that they don't like gays for a really long time and all of a sudden some people want to boycott them so they can feel like they're actually doing something? Lol
  2. I want some Chick fil a,but we don't have one around here unfortunately.We only have a KFC in my town,but at least they have good morals....wait no they don't.
  3. Yep its about as dumb as the people going to chik fila because they are against gay marriage
  4. I love their sanwiches. Sorry Annicus lol

  5. Huh that makes no sense to me.
  6. I don't care if they are openly anti gay but I don't like that they donate huge amounts of money to anti-gay legislation efforts. But that's because I don't like business and politics being involves in general..
  7. Im saying that people boycotting or going to buy chicken today solely because the owner voiced an opinion is just plain dumb
  8. How can a company be for or against anything?

    Why the fuck would I blow up chick fil a, its fucking delicious

  9. Ohh ok gotcha
  10. lol....Its not going to change the mind of CEO...People shouldve known all along anyway....theyre 'Christian'...another load of lol...but yeah...fucking delicious
  11. How can a fast food chain even have an opinion on anything? :confused:

  12. Its been said :smoke:
  13. I was thinking of boycotting Nike because of their anti- minimum wage stance towards all the children making their clothes and merch for pennies.

    How about everyones starts boycotting that?

    At least Chick Fil A are open about it!
  14. corporations are people too!
  15. lol, so stupid! It's even stupider that once the hype's over they'll be eating it the next day.. lol

  16. He didn't just voice his opinion, he gives money to organizations that actively try to take the rights away from other people.

    Dan Cathy has the right to his opinion and his religion, and he has every right to do business how he wants to. But sometimes exercising your rights has consequences... he proved to the public that he's a homophobic bigot douchebag, so others are exercising their right to do business how they want to.

    What exactly is dumb about any of that?
  17. Funny thing is I've never had Chick Fil A in my life so I've been boycotting them and their communist schemes all along.
  18. That's dumb! We should protest the protesters. *flips bangs away from eyes*
  19. ive only had chick fil a once, and another time because they had free food. So ill continue to boycott them, not only because of anti-gay, but because i dont think their food is good and i think its overpriced.
  20. let em be anti-gay

    ill never fuckin' eat there again....
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