Every vape anything besides mj?

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  1. Have any of you ever tried to vape anything besides weed? maybe like idk peppermint leafs or something to like freshin your breath haha.
  2. Only crack cocaine and meth.
  3. I vape chamomile to calm down as well as kava kava root. Peppermint for tummy issues too
  4. Thx! Anything to help with depression with basically no side effects?
  5. Take 5-htp
  6. Endorphins
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    I have the occasional fresh tobacco bowl every week or 2, similar experience to smoking cigarettes, I kind of like the nicotine rush sometimes I guess. In extreme q I'd recommend using a different set of glassware and whips, and not going past 185C or it tastes like shit. Kinda fun with friends I guess too, and your lungs don't feel like shit the next day..
  8. [quote name='"n00bslayer06"']Thx! Anything to help with depression with basically no side effects?[/quote]

  9. Chamomile is great and relaxing on mind and body. I vape mj for depression though...

  10. nah im just sayin like if im out.
  11. Nothing except my avatar.

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