Every time i water

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  1. Every time I water no mater if soil is dry or not the leaves on my plants start drooping. Why is it doing this?

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  2. They draining well? Whats the water temp? Do they perk back up after a while?
  3. Yes they drain very well. The water is room temp when I water. They do perk back up but it will take a day or so.
  4. This was right before I watered

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  5. How often do you water them per week?

    Drooping after watering is more or less normal so I wouldn't worry about it unless you're doing something, like watering them 3+ times a week, to cause it.
  6. Hmm usually droop means root problems..possibly bugs in your soil? your temp and everything looks good so not sure maybe someone else knows
  7. As of right now I have been watering once every 5 days because I have had such a problem with over watering in the past. Why do leaves droop after u water?
  8. Mine never droop after i water but i have like 30% perlite so plenty of oxygen
  9. Water them with a little less water and see if they stop drooping. Or water them twice a week with half of what you're giving them once a week. Also what time on their schedule are you watering them? Daytime, nighttime?

    Some droop after watering is just what some plants do and as long as they perk back up within an hour or so I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  10. Looks like overwatering to me.Do those buckets have drainage holes? How many? Are those 5 gallon buckets? If you use pots that are too big for the plants in them, the plants can't absorb all the water, and the water just sits there. What kind of lights are you using? If you aren't using HIDs, it takes even longer for the soil to dry, if it ever does.
  11. I only give a half gallon each when I watered this time. And I am watering a few hrs before lights go out
  12. They r 5 gallon buckets and they have plenty of drain holes in them. I am using a 400 watt mh/hps.
  13. If you don't water them until the bucket feels light but before they start drooping, you will not have an overwatering/drooping issue.
  14. My buckets where light and soil was dry all the way thru
  15. Try switching to watering them right when their day cycle starts instead of before it is going to end and see if that helps.
  16. Will do thanks

  17. water in the morning hours, right when the lights go on.

    you should be watering every other day with those size plants. dont drench the soil so much.

    when they were sprouts, i only watered once every week.

    now that theyre getting a bit bigger, they get water every other day. i water about 2oz into a (16oz?) solo cup and it gets all the soil moist. i think my cups are a little smaller than solo cups, so they are probably like 12 ounces.

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