Every Able-Bodied Child Has the Ability to be Extremely Intelligent

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    I firmly believe that every able-bodied child (children born without degenerative disabilities) has the ability to be extremely intelligent. But due to the fact that society stupid-talks children at a young age, many don't reach their potential. I think it can still be reversed at later age though if the child decides to take an intellectual route in life.
    Imagine if you straight up talked to children when they were two years old. None of this bullshit "Lookie Johnie there the ball go get da ball!" But "Go get the ball John" or "John go get the paper towels for me." I think children would learn and remember more and faster at younger ages. 3-4 year old kids would be holding actual conversations.
    I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but my mom never baby talked me. My elementary school teachers said talking to me was like talking to a mini adult. One day in second grade the teacher asked kids to list car parts. Kids were saying, wheels, doors. I said catalytic converter.
    It almost seems that some people are afraid to let their kids be smart, so they try to hold them back with stupid-talk bullshit. I would welcome it.

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    I think you are wrong

    Baby talk isn't why kids are dumb.

    It is proven however that if you baby talk them too.old they don't learn franker right

    Edit - franker = grammar

    Franker?! Really "smart" phone?!

    Fucking waste of money this thing

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    I think every child has the same intellectual capability. I read in a psychology book the author said "Give me any able bodied child in my own controlled environment and I guarantee to be able to turn them into any professional I need, doctor, engineer, etc." I think he is correct.
  4. I say there should be a group that studies that....put it to the test with families and see how they do in school. Interesting concept!
  5. I agree I just don't think baby talk makes kids dmb

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    It doesn't necessarily, which is why i said the individual can counter it if they realize they've been dumb talked or just want to be intellectual. So you don't think I'm wrong? I was under the impression that you thought intelligence was genetic or something, which I would argue against.
  7. I saw this interesting documentary about this guy who claims he can make geniuses, that they aren't born geniuses (excluding savants), and that memory exercises can create mental warriors. His 2 daughters are world chess champions.
  8. I thought you were wrong aabout the baby talk thing

    As for genetics, yea its proven fact. Some people are better at some things because of genetics. But its a minor detail

    Evvery able bodied person can be a genius. Its just easier for some

  9. Education. Oh so vitally important. I think we all have the capability to be intelligent, I doubt there's much of a correlation from being baby talked to non baby talking families. What is important though is the child having different avenues,being exposed to different languages, way of thought and attitudes by all people in a positive, satisfying way that is ever-growing and curious.

    True that some psychologists have said give me a baby and I can make you any kind of man. And as such, we have and are left with what we have here today, a pretty law-abiding populace
  10. "Men are born ignorant, not stupid; it is education that makes them stupid."[SIZE=13.63636302948px] - Helvetius[/SIZE]
    If everyone was intelligent, then everyone would be average.
  12. I think the point was that everyone had potential

    The ones who use the potential are above average

  13. That's James b Watson, a very extreme behaviourist. While the methods of a pure behaviorist has fallen out of favor, I do support this view to a degree, in that there is a lot of potential to be gained , if we manage to fine tune the environment to be more enriching for every developing person. I work with two autistic boys and one of them according to his mom used to have an IQ of a little above 50 then recently his IQ jumped to 72. It's most likely a combination of his eagerness to learn and the resources available to him, since despite the single mom ,not being rich she pours a lot of resources in her kids. While I don't think he'll reach 100 , He could potentially get closer .

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