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  1. I bought this tonight for 200. I Don't really know much about it other then the guy convinced me into buying it by saying it would basically be the smoothest bong hit ever.... So i bought it and it works amazing. So could someone explain what the bottom half is and if 200 was a good deal?


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  2. Dope inline, but you couldnt think of a better place to take a picture of it than on the shitter?
  3. Now that I am thinking about it.... Yea i'm sure there is a better place... lol
  4. No one else knows what's all on this? I need some explanation what's the inline is for and so on and so forth Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Looks like inline to showerhead?  Can't see the second perc that well.  The percs are for diffusion, breaks up the bubbles into smaller bubbles.  This increases the surface area for better cooling/filtration.  The inline design is like a stemline but the perc is larger and juts out.  It's a little weird looking to me, usually the inline juts out to the side and not the back, but that shouldn't affect function.
  6. Real nice looking but I wouldn't have paid 200$ for that, maybe at most 160-170. If there was like 2 or 3 Percs then hell yea but other than that that's a beauty!dOtDaG42
  7. Thank you for the explanation. It works like a champ, but I am thinking about buying a ash catcher to keep stuff from inside of it. I bought it at a head shop in Clinton Iowa, kinda a low key place. I cannot find it for-sale any where on the internet but I am ok with paying 200 for it. Thanks again guys!
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    OP.....it is a inline to circ, prob a very smooth piece and not much drag..
    And for 200, I would say you got a good deal considering this is evverest. Does it have a logo?
    and there is nothing wrong with the design of you perc at all
  9. For cleaning, try to find grunge off super soaker.  If you can't find it local, then order it online.  I started using it and refuse to go back to iso and salt.  Get the supersoaker, a glass stopper for your piece and a keck clip to hold it in place when cleaning.  Makes everything so much easier.
    Check the second picture for the logo.. 

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