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Everclear Tincture.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Philosopher1992, May 5, 2011.

  1. So I have 750 ml of Everclear Whiskey sitting in a big glass on glass jug with about 4 ounces of trim/buds. I'm going to let it soak for about a month and see how it turns out. :p :hello:
  2. :hippie:
  3. Four ounces :eek:
  4. OH JAH! That will be amazing. The version I'm making in so ghetto in comparison :p

    I have 120 mL Bacardi 151 sitting with 1/4 of Green Crack. My first tincture ^_^
    May 17 opening date... heh.
  5. Hold the phone you did say 4 ounces right?

    Be careful first using that - it could take you off to never never land :bongin:
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    One way ticket to neverland
  7. You should shake the bottle now and then to stir it. You will get more THC into the vodka that way.

    For those of you who don't like alcohol, you might try making a glycerin tincture instead. You can buy glycerin at health food stores. It makes a sweet, non-burning tincture, but takes a bit longer to make than alcohol tinctures and must actually stirred because it is thick like pancake syrup.


  8. I finished making Glycerin tincture last night, I have previous made everclear tincture (Green Dragon). So far pretty happy with this tried a little last night and had some in my latte this morning. yum!
  9. Coffee with a splash of tincture is the best way to start a day :D

  10. That sounds like a wonderful way to start my day!!

    I can't wait until it's done!

    Of course. I make sure to shake it every day and stir it.
  11. Question for all any of you know a store to get a dropper for my tincture at? in the states :)
  12. Local health food store! They have the 1 and 2 ounce dropper bottles for $1 and $2.
  13. [ame=]YouTube - Infected Mushroom - Never Ever Land[/ame]
  14. Thanks peoples :)
  15. I see some one using Bacardi and I also got some Segram's 7 so in as pinch it's ok to use other liquor? Do you just pour it in another clean bottle? I'd like to try just a small amount so what it the ratio of weed to alcohol I should use? Some things seem to say something about decarbing first- is that necessary? and letting it just sit and turning/shaking the bottle is fine for me (I'm good at waiting) - how long a wait is necessary?...for me the simplest method is best

    I did do a search but didn't manage to comer up with this info -thanks
  16. Alcohol is alcohol- the flavorings don't matter! Use the highest proof possible. Blenderize your cannabis first- more surface area is good. The alcohol should cover the cannabis, but there is no set ratio. Decarbing turns non-psychoactive THCA into THC- it's worth the bother. Takes a week minimum, longer (a month) is better.

  17. thanks - just started my experiment...took about a gram or best guess- I have no scale and a couple ounces of Segram's 7 so we'll see in a couple weeks or so. Then I'll have something to go on if I want a bigger experiment...and it seemed the best experiment for the pot that had been sitting around while I was in the hospital. I ground it to a very powdery state and decarbed first and just put it in another empty liquor bottle I had.

    Let me know if you think I really need more weed as I can easily add some in the next couple days.
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  19. Funny small world.

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