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Everclear Tincture question

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by BadAxe, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. Howdy folks. Been a while since i been around here. Glad to see it still rockin. So I made a heated everclear tincture (waterbath at 170 for 20 minutes). I used high quality trim for it. The result is pretty decent. Using it in a gummies recipe among other things. Here is my question:

    Can I make it stronger by boiling off some of the alcohol in a rice cooker? I have used the process to evap all of the everclear and left with just the concentrate. But if I want the actual tincture to be stronger, does boiling off some of the alcohol achieve that? In theory it seems it would, but I also dont know if heating the EC to that temp ruins the tincture or not. SO what say you blades? Thanks in advance.
  2. no one knows?
  3. I've made Gummies a few times with great success. I've boiled off the everclear and added the left over food grade hash in vegetable glycerin. Glycerin is water soluble, and is a great vehicle for thc gummies. Seeing as how it mixes easily into water with out giving it the flavor and drunkness of everclear. Glycerin is sometimes used as a substitute sugar for people with diabetes. Because of its sweet flavor and the fact it doesn't effect blood sugar levels. I highly recommend this method .
  4. But to anwser your question yes it does make it stronger. But you have to be careful how long and how high the temperature your boiling it off . High Temps for long periods of time changes the thc-a to thc. But if cooked for too long it changed the thc to cbn. Which gives you a couch lock, sleepy feeling, not so phycoactive.
  5. Thank you.
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