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  1. ...run into somebody or a group of people at a Walgreens/drug store/ convenience store and smell that familiar smell we are all used to smelling come reeking from someone's car next to you?

    Well tonight I had this happen to me. Luckily the guys/kids were cool probably lower 20's. I had to run into Walgreen's to help my g/f and get some medicine. Close to closing time and as I'm about to get in my car there's a group of guys walking out to their car right next to mine and as soon as they opened the door to get in their car I noticed they kind of got all shook up. I was at the door of my car and took in a nice whiff of probably a decent blunt filled with some good MJ and decided to chime in and say nice smell guys with a thumbs up.

    Just seeing if anyone else has ever passed the good vibes on as well :smoke:
  2. i had just hot boxed my car with a couple friends then we went to mcdonalds the drive thru, we order then pull up to pay and the cashiers takes a whiff and it like damn i need some of that.

    lol it was pretty funny at the moment.
  3. My parents smoke a lot, so whenever I go to visit I smell many familiar smells...
  4. When I go watch a movie I catch a whiff of "that" scent and a couple of random people around me will be giggling for no reason, I grin on the inside.
  5. This is an everyday event in California.
  6. At the sturgis motorcycle rally the smell is always lingering about. You never really know where it's coming from though, too many people.
  7. walking into school one day through the smoking entrance i got just a whiff of it even though i didn't see anyone standing around when I was walking in. I started looking around and a kid in a wheelchair next to the building was smoking a joint. it was pretty cool, it made me smile and he was smiling.
  8. i delivered pizza to some guys house once and it smelled like some dank ass weed and you could tell this guy was baked out of his mind. I just said "shit man, it smells good in here" with a big smile. he just said yeah we just blazed lol.
  9. Yeah I never had anyone say/notice anything whenever I was burning in my car/house so I just thought it was kind of interesting to see how someone else would react to the fact that I knew what they had done/doing.

    And as far as the California comment, shit in Florida blows and it's getting worse and worse every year these extremely right winged retirees and business people getting seats in the house and senate here so not going to change for quite sometime....but anyways...

    Glad to see there are others out there that pass on the freedom.
  10. na im usually the person getting out of the car ;)
  11. Yea I live on a college campus and I smell it all the time, most of the time right as I'm walking to a buddy's place to do the same haha. I always say "love the smell" or "is it 4:20 already?" and they always crack up lol.
  12. the other day a car passed by and i smelled it ' i hadn't even been looking up really till the scent hit me then i couldnt see them at all but i thought it was funny ' it made the walk home better
  13. yea this used to happen everyday in the elevator in my dorm

    somebody would be like "hmm wonder what those kids were doin"
  14. sometimes walking around campus ill walk by someone who smells like weed, im sure people think the same thing when they walk past me sometimes...

    i remember one time i was on campus walking back to my room from my friends dorm room around midnight and i was walking behind this huge black guy who was just smoking a blunt on the walkway, the whole time i was behind him all i could smell was blunt (it was definately a weed smell and not just a cigar or cigarello)

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