Ever wondered who jacked your bong or sack? Solution!

Discussion in 'General' started by BigOrange2, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Throughout my toking days I've had a glass sherlock stolen, and a glass bong stolen. So I decided to puff a bowl and think of a solution. Well I did this about 2 days ago, and I've since then been using a program called WebCam Monitor. It has a feature so that once you turn it on, any motion detected by your webcam makes the application start recording video of everything going on. I have it pointed right at where my stash and pieces are, but it's hidden so you cant see it. I plan on busting anyone trying to steal anything from me red handed.

    Anyone I have over chilling and I leave the room will be under video surveillance. Hah hah hah.

    WebCam Monitor 4.20 (Version 420 hahaha) :smoke:


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  2. hahah you sneaky little devil
  3. And if you have a chick over it'll capture that too, woot for stoner sex tapes. (assuming this is all in your bedroom that is)
  4. What kind of friends do you have. hahahh you trust them just enough to put them under video survelliance.
  5. I don't trust my friends, I know sometimes they get really high/drunk and will take something without thinking about it, just cause it's sitting there.
    Also depends though, it's more strangers that friends bring over, I trust my friends pretty much 100% generally, unless they are really drunk/blitzed in general.
  6. you cant trust anyone dude, i've had so many good friends steal shit from me
  7. WOW! You're going a little overkill aren't you... I mean if I were you I'd just not invite strange people you don't know over as much or perhaps get some new friends, maybe even just hide your stash better. Either way it's a bit of a sad day when you have to actually go as far as setting up a hidden camera to protect your shit- that's a little fucked.
  8. Well you see, I sell. I won't go in to what, because we don't speak of such things on GC. I also have the problem of having parties and having my semi-buddies, you know people you know just because of weed, pocket shit without thinking, or puking and no one confesses. Now whatever it is that happens that I don't like, I'll be watching them.
  9. lol thats awsome
  10. we'll ive had my best friends while i was on vacation break into my house, throw a party, use my bong, break it, and nobody has confessed up still. but the only thing my friends have stolen from me is my fucking bic lighters (but thats pretty much tradition).
  11. Haha, yea I have that on my comp as well. It works really well and actually has saved me when someone did steal something from me. It wasn't even my friend, it was some kid that was at a party we had and just happened to come back about 30 mins after we kicked everyone out cuz we had been partying for a good 20 hours. So he came back and took my phone, wallet, stash (2 ounces at the time) and 300$ triple perc bong. Needless to say, once we found him I got mine.....And he got his ;).....

    And yes although a lot of people in this world are not trustworthy, there are some that are. The friends I have had most my life are the people I trust the most and I know they wouldn't double cross me.
  12. I can feel your pain here, however i cannot relate, I trust most of my friends pretty well, known them a good portion of my life. but i can see how this solution would be pretty funny afterwards too....watching the party the night after, rofl. probably so much funny shit that goes on.....
  13. dude, when i sold, and had parties, no one touched my weed....i was the dealer that would give you a huge handful for 20....ofcourse i had it all for damn near free....

    and my shit always gets swipped by my friends, but we swipe each others stuff all the thing...once we had a kick ass lava lamp that we didnt know whose it was....posters, bong bowls, papers, its all fair game between me and my tight friends...

    but i hear ya on the semi-friends...one of them came to me like that...id get my little attack brother...the kids ruthless...5 foot 4 of pure street fighter....(hes 17, and i think hes got a napolean complex...)
  14. Sounds like me except I'm a bit taller haha.

    Anyways to the OP nice post, nice creativity to solve a problem.
  15. the solution is to get rid of your fake ass "friends"...no respect if they jack your shit.
  16. also good for any1 dealing that might want a cheap security system. ++rep
  17. haha, Remind me of Dale Gribble from king of the hill...
  18. pretty good idea except i ussually leave my bong in other places for example on my computer desk,next to my bed,on the kitchen table or counter

    or my fav place to smoke on the coffee table. i just sit by that table read smoke or watch tv and smoke or eat w/e the coffee table is one of the best inventions ever...
  19. Yes, some of my friends may be fake friends, but they like to buy pot, and to my real friends, god bless em. I know who my real friends are. The one's I show the whole thing camera thing to. Theres only 3 good friends I know for sure have my back and wouldn't do that shit.
  20. I KNOW who stole my beautiful Biz0ng.

    motherfuckers who jacked me over a fake vial of acid.

    One of em watched us with a gun while the other ransacked us.

    noticed my bong, said "ooh, this looks nice!" and took it.

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